Recommendation of General Education Courses


The Department of Social Work highly recommends the following two courses in Term 1 of 2019-20 to CUHK students! In these two courses, innovative teaching modes will be adopted. In addition to lectures provided by course lecturers, we will cooperate with social service organization and social enterprise groups to offer experiential learning activities to students. Through visits to organizations, chats and communications with staff and service users, as well as design thinking activities, we aim at increasing students’ horizons and visualizing various concepts such as integration, cultural sensitivity and social enterprise to students.

The courses are suitable for students who are in Social Work majors and Non Social Work majors. Non Social Work majors may take the course in UGEC course code to fulfil their General Education requirement.

Details of the two courses are as follows:

  1. SOWK2202/UGEC2684 Intercultural Intelligence – Meeting the Challenges of a Culturally-diverse Society
    Every Thursdays 0930 – 1215 @ UCC C2 (Taught in Cantonese)
  2. SOWK2203/UGEC2693 Mission-driven Social Enterprise
    Every Thursdays 1430 – 1715 @ UCC C2 (Taught in Cantonese)

Students may register these courses in CUSIS during the course registration period. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact Mr. David Ip (Main Office of Department of Social Work) at 39438783 or via Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SOWK2202 UGEC2684

SOWK2203 UGEC2693