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The two-day conference includes keynote presentations, panel presentations, concurrent sessions and agency visits. Details of the programmes are as follows:


Program Rundown: Day 1


               June 21, 2017 (Wednesday)
                Venue: Cheng Yu Tung Building LT 1 
    8:30 AM –
9:00 AM
  9:00 AM -
9:30 AM

Opening Address

Professor Fanny M.C. CHEUNG, Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology, CUHK
Professor Steven NGAI, Chairperson, Department of Social Work, CUHK
Professor Evaon WONG-KIM President, APISWEA
Professor Jinglin LIU, Datong Social Service Center & Associate Dean, Guangdong University of Technology

9:30 AM-
10:30 AM
Keynote Speech 1
Evidence-based Practice: Challenges for Social Work Research

Professor Bruce THYER
Professor, Florida State University

Moderator: Professor Patrick LEUNG, University of Houston

    10:30 AM -
10:50 AM
Tea Break
    10:50 AM –
12:30 PM
Expert Panel
Global Health and Mental Health issues

Professor Yongxiang XU, Renowned Professor, East China University of Science and Technology &
President of China Association for Social Work Education;
Dr. Robin GEARING, Associate Professor, University of Houston;
Professor Michael HOLOSKO, Pauline M. Berger Professor of Family and Child Welfare, University of Georgia;
Kenny CHUI (PhD Candidate) and Professor Ching Man LAM, The Chinese University of Hong Kong;
Dr. Siu Man NG, Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong

Moderator: Professor Evaon WONG-KIM, California State University, Los Angeles

12:30 PM – 1:45 PM LUNCH BREAK



Session 1A (English Session) 1B (English Session) 1C (English Session) 1D (Chinese Session)
Venue Cheng Yu Tung Building LT1 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT5 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT7 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT8
Moderator Professor Francis YUEN, California
Professor, State University-
Dr. Grace S. M. LEUNG
Assistant Professor,
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr. Luis TORRES,
Associate Dean,
University of Houston
Dr. Cheong Hay CHU
Associate Dean, Caritas
Institute of Higher Education
Mental Health
Children & Youth
Social Work Education

1:45 PM –
3:20 PM


Session 1

1. Psychological Distress of
Cancer Patients - Chiara


2. Understand the interpretations
and interventions about late life
depression in Chinese and
American mental health
services – Tan TANG & Ching


3. Collaborative Efforts between
Social Workers and
Christian/Buddhist Clergies to
Prevent Intergenerational
Suicide in USA and Japan –
Tatsushi HIRONO


4. Trajectories of PTSD from 2-6
Years among Asian Americans
after the World Trade – Winnie
KUNG, Sinhua LIU, &
Lawrence YANG


5. Correlates of Health/Mental
Health Treatment Engagement
and Patient Satisfaction –


6.Willingness to seek professional mental
health service in three ethnic groups
of Asian Americans –
Hyunwoo YOON & Yuri JANG

1. The power issue in the
negotiation process of discharge
of out-of-home care children in
Hong Kong – Mooly WONG


2. Awareness and implementation
of children’s participation rights –
Elaine LIU-AU, Anna HUI & Sally


3. Factors Contributing to Family
Cohesion among Koreans in the
US – Jonghyun LEE


4. Keep the Love Forever-
International Adoptees’ Voice –
Emily LAI


5. Multi-level Intervention for
Problem Internet Use and
Internet Gaming Disorder in
Adolescents of Migrant Workers
in Mainland China: A Pilot Trial
of Treatment Effects, Feasibility,
and Acceptability – Chennan LIU
&Wen (Vivien) LI


6. Parental Empathy and Child
Anxiety in Families with Child
Maltreatment Histories –
Yoewon YOON & Ferol

1. Elderly care in urban
communities: Practices and
challenges in Zhejiang,
China – Yu SONG & Yinbai


2. Newly Reported Benefits of
Consumer Directed Services
for Older Adults in the US –
Intae YOON & Karen BULLOCK


3. Family Solidarity and
Intergenerational Economic
Transfer To Chinese Elderly
– Yanling GENG


4. Intergenerational Strategies
for Sustaining Health Aging
Communities: Role of
Technology – Othelia LEE &
Qingwen Xu


5. Decisions for
institutionalization among
nursing home residents and
their children in Shanghai –

1. 台灣社會工作教育發展與
挑戰 – 彭淑華


2. 國內大專院校社工系所融


3. 作為發展性社會工作的教


4. 中國社會工作教育實習督
導模式規範及啟示 – 徐


5. 專業社會工作與中國社會
究 – 肖萍


6. 高齡國際志工自我實現歷
程之研究 – 陳碧蓮; 胡慧


3:20 PM –
3:40 PM 



Session 2A (English Session) 2B (English Session) 2C (English Session) 2D (Chinese Session)
Venue Cheng Yu Tung Building LT1 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT5 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT7 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT8
Moderator Dr. Guia CALICDAN-APOSTLE,
Associate Professor, Stockton
Dr. Robin GEARING, Associate
Professor, University of Houston
Professor Qingwen Xu
Professor, New York University
Dr. Mooly Wong,
Assistant Professor,
Chinese University of
Hong Kong
Social Work Education
Mental Health
Social policy
Social Work Practice

3:40 PM -
5:15 PM


Session 2

1. An Exploratory Study of Early
Professional Experiences and
Job Burnout among BSW in
China – Yong TANG

2. Challenges Facing Present
and Future Social Work Case
Managers – Michael J.
HOLOSKO & Pauline M.

3. Views towards Education
System among Faculty in
Master of Social Work
Program: A National survey in
Mainland China – Ya’nan
WANG, Yangdi HAN & Fang

4. Is the Glass Half Empty or Half
Full? Views of Evidence –
Based Practice Among Faculty
in Master of Social Work
Program in China - Yangdi
& Lin CHEN

5. Professionalism in Social Work

6. Mentoring Asian Doctoral
Students in Teaching and
Research: Global Agenda in
Social Work Education – Monit

1. University-Based
Health/Substance Use
Prevention Interventions for
Asian American, Asian, and
Southeast Asian Students in the
U.S.: Feasibility, Lessons
Learned, and Preliminary Results
– Luis TORRES, Samira ALI,
Roberta LEAL, Maria WILSON,
Alberto MANCILLAS & Tamara

2. How music works for mental
health service users – Chi Kin
KWAN & Stephen CLIFT

3. The Impact of Hospice Patient
Disease Type and Length of Stay
on Caregiver – Francis YUEN

4. Health and Mental Health Effects
of Local Immigration
Enforcement Policies on Latino
Immigrants in the US – Julia
Shu-Huah WANG & Neeraj

5. Mindfullness-Based Intervention
for Internet Gaming Disorder –
Wen LI, Eric GARLAND &
Matthew HOWARD

1. The Historical Causes,
Problems and Development
Direction of Chinese
Women's Welfare – Jiyue

2. Social Policy for the
Development of Social Work
in China Taking One city in
Sichuan as an Example –
Lishan LI

3. Violence Against Women Act
(VAWA) of the United States:
A Policy Analysis Abstract –
Anh Phuong NGUYEN

4. Challenges facing private
hospitals- a relationship to
social policy – Hongyu WU

5. Financial Literacy in Fujian
Rural Residents - Empirical
Evidence Collected by the
OECD/INFE Toolkit –Yiqing
YUAN & Minchao JIN

6. Attitudinal Professionalism
Among Social Work License
Holders in China – Ning

1. 大陸地區白血病患兒家
會工作干預 —顏宇、

2. 合而不融:隨班就讀兒
童社會痛苦研究 – 華紅

3. 牽起你我超越血緣的緣
分: 安置機構離院者
「手足關係」初探 – 王

4. 兒少結束家外安置後續
析 –胡中宜, 黃上豪

5. 半工半讀對家庭貧困少
始工作有差嗎? – 劉燕

6. 臨終情境中家屬照顧者
析與批判 – 許嘉祥


Program Rundown: Day 2 


June 22, 2017 (Thursday)
Venue: Cheng Yu Tung Building LT1
    8:45 AM –
9:00 AM
    9:00 AM – 
9:45 AM
Keynote Speech 2
Clinical Supervisory Skills in the Era of Global Challenges

Professor Monit CHEUNG
Professor, University of Houston

Moderator: Professor Ching Man LAM, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

   09:45 AM -




Session 3A (English Session) 3B (English Session) 3C (English Session) 3D (Chinese Session)
Venue Cheng Yu Tung Building LT1 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT5 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT7 Cheng Yu Tung Building LT8
Moderator Prof Mo Yee LEE
Professor, Ohio University
Professor Michael
HOLOSKO, Professor,
University of Georgia
Alice Ming Lin CHONG,
Professor, City University of
Hong Kong
Dr. Johnson C. S. CHEUNG
Lecturer, CUHK
Mental Health
Gender and Others
Risk behaviors
Innovative practice and others

10:00 AM – 
11:30 AM


Session 3

1. Risk Factors Associated with
Current Suicidal Ideation in
Adolescents with the History of
Maltreatment – Yoewon YOON

2. Discovering the Turning Points
of Recovery: A Qualitative
Study on Recovery Process –
Chang LIU

3. Associations between Rejection
Sensitivity and Mental Health
Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic
Review –Shuling GAO, Mark
Kangguang LIN

4. Health Disparities in the US
Population: A Comparison
between Asian and White –
Siyon RHEE, Sei-Young LEE &

5. Musculoskeletal Disorders
among nurses in Hospital –
Peter VOO, Ismail MAAKIP &

6. Promote Positive Mental Health
and Behavioral Health
Development Among Youth at
Different Ages: A Longitudinal
Comparison Study in Taiwan –
Meng-Jung LEE& Yen-Ping LIU

1. LGB Youth in Child
Welfare System:
Prevalence and
Outcomes – Micki
WASHBURN & Christian

2. Participatory
development of
Community Foundation in
urban China – Wenran

3. Criminal Justice
Involvement, Personal
Network Composition and
Substance Use – Qian-
Wei ZHAO & Eric RICE

4. Building Capacity for
Program Evaluation: A
Collaboration Model –
Wan-Yi CHEN & Amber

5. Online \ Offline – Joe
Chun Yu TANG

1. Assessing Adolescent
Suicide Behavior and
Identifying Treatments –

2. Physical Activity
Acculturation and Sexual
Risk Behaviors Among
Latina Mothers and
Daughters: A Longitudinal
Community Based Study –
Mario De La ROSA & Patria

3. Neighborhood
Characteristics of
Residential Locations of
Registered Sex Offenders –
Xiafei WANG & Fei PEI

4. Human Trafficking in the
Philippines: A SWOT
Analysis – Guia CALICDAN-

5. A Systematic Review of the
Literature on Abuse on
Foreign Domestic Workers
in Hong Kong, Singapore,
and Taiwan – Ming Sheng
WANG & Jun Sung HONG

6. Potential Benefit of Health
Policies to Curb Hepatitis C
Virus Among Chinese Adults
– Yuqi GUO & Fan Yang

1. 福利治理視閾下的“保障
效研究 – 梁延潤雨

2. 戶籍身份、勞動合同簽訂
與社會保障獲得 – 吳偉

3. 社會工作介入農村精准扶
索 – 鄭璇

4. 社會工作介入困境家庭兒
童的個案研究 – 黃小潔

5. 台灣聽損青少年自我倡權
之初探 – 劉素芬, 陳姵樺

6. 微信群的利用促進醫患關
係 – 劉念

7. 在地行動雲端服務之效益
分析: 以台灣新竹市為例 –
黃珮玲, 戴世玫, 孫宜華, 傅秀玉



June 22, 2017 (Thursday)
Venue: Cheng Yu Tung Building LT1
   11:30 AM -
12:15 AM

Presidents’ dialogue on “The 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work**


Dr. Darla COFFEY, President of the Council on Social Work Education
Professor Yongxiang XU, President of China Association for Social Work Education
Professor Alice M. L. CHONG, President of Hong Kong Association for Schools of Social Work
Ms Irene LEUNG, Hong Kong Social Workers Association
Professor Evaon WONG-KIM, President of Asian and Pacific Islander Social Work Association


Moderator: Professor Patrick LEUNG, , University of Houston

    12:15 AM-
   12:45 PM
NGOs in China: Issues and Challenges (in Chinese/English)


Presented by Professor 劉靜林、周海明、賴育珍、 範志傑、 劉丹俠 & 何炯春,
Datong Social Service Center

  12:45 PM –
1:00 PM



Professor Evaon WONG-KIM, California State University, Los Angeles

2:30 PM –
4:30 PM
Site Visits (For pre-registered participants only, please click here for details and registration)



Keynote Speakers


Keynote Speaker Biographies:


Professor, Florida State University
Prof. Bruce
Bruce Thyer is currently a Professor and former Dean with the College of Social Work at Florida State University. Dr. Thyer spent the years 1987 - 2002 with the University of Georgia, where he earned the rank of Distinguished Research Professor. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. In 2012, he was elected to the Social Work Academy of the National Academies of Practice. Dr. Thyer is the founder and current editor of one of social work's premier journals, RESEARCH ON SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE, and is the author of over 250 articles, 80 chapters and he had authored or edited over 25 professional books. His research interests involve the promotion of evidence-based practice, evaluation research, applied behavior analysis, and social work theory.
Professor, University of Houston

Professor Monit Cheung, MA, MSW, PhD, LCSW, is Chair of the Clinical Practice Concentration at the Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston. She received her doctoral and master’s degrees in social work and a master’s degree in public administration from The Ohio State University and a post-doc certificate on Geriatric Education from the University of Iowa. She is Director of the Child & Family Center for Innovative Research and Principal Investigator of the Child Welfare Education Project. She has been a social worker for 41 years and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in play therapy, family counseling, geriatric counseling, child/adolescent counseling, child protection, sexual and domestic violence, and incest survivor treatment. She has taught at the graduate level for 31 years and presented in 288 workshops and conferences and written 472 articles, books, book chapters, and research reports on child protection and parenting issues. Her research interests are related to treatment effectiveness in the areas of child sexual abuse, creative family therapy, therapeutic touch, self-care techniques, and immigrant adjustment.