Ms. Cheung Man-sze, Cecilia

Ms. Cheung Man-sze, Cecilia


Director of Field Instruction & Professional Consultant

MSW (HKU); BSSc (CUHK); RSW 3943 7494
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Awards and Honors

  • Awardee, Exemplary Field Instruction Award (2012-13)


Research Interests

  • Clinical social work
  • Group work
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • SSLD (Strategies and Skills Learning and Development)
  • Field Education


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • 張敏思 (2014)。堅守我重視的事;載於曾家達,梁玉麒編《微光處處新編》 ( 159-174頁) 。香港:策馬文創。
  • 張敏思,張家弘 (2013)。知行易徑在夫婦關係工作坊的應用和反思;載於游達裕,區潔蓮,曾家達編《知行易徑:應用與反思》(71-88頁)。香港:策馬文創。
  • 張敏思 (2011)。知行易徑對我輔導工作之用處;載於曾家達,游達裕編《知行易徑:基礎與應用》(43-56頁)。香港:策馬文創。
  • 張敏思 (2011)。讓組員動起來;於梁玉麒、游達裕、區結蓮、張敏思編著《千帆並舉:社會工作小組新貌》 (3-13頁)。香港:策馬出版。
  • 梁玉麒、游達裕、區結蓮、張敏思 (2011)。香港社工小組工作前瞻。於梁玉麒、游達裕、區結蓮、張敏思編著《千帆並舉:社會工作小組新貌》 (243-250頁)。香港:策馬出版。
  • 楊家正,陳高凌,張敏思,區結蓮,源而德 (1999)。《親子溝通平行小組訓練手冊》。香港:香港大學出版社。
  • Cheung, M. S., Leung, Y. K., Yeung, Y. Y. (coming). A qualitative case study of counseling sessions with youth taking drug addicts.
  • Kung, P. Y., M. S. Cheung, et al. (1993).  "Heterosocial Skills Training: An application in Group." The Hong Kong Journal of Social Work, 27(1): 11-19.


Key Community Services

  • 2013 – Present, Adviser and group leader on development of group intervention service for elderly with insomnia, The Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong
  • Expert consultant on family counseling for the TV program on “Parenting”《愛子方程式》RTHK (2003)
  • Expert consultant on group counseling for the TV program on “Parenting”《愛子方程式》RTHK (1996)