Prof. Wong Mei-ching, Mooly

Prof. Wong Mei-ching, Mooly


Assistant Professor

B.S.W. (HKU), Dip. C.S. (Canada), M.A. , Ph.D. (CUHK), R.S.W. 3943 7514
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Research Interests

  • Family-centered practice
  • Family therapy
  • Group work
  • Child protection
  • Children in care
  • Foster care
  • Adoption


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • Wong, M.M. C., Ma, J. L. C., & Xia, L. L. (2019). A qualitative study of parents’ and children’s views on mediation, Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, DOI: 10.1080/10502556.2018.1558857
  • Wong, M. M. C. (2018). Residential child care services in Hong Kong: review and reflection. In Islam, T. & and Fulcher, L. (eds). Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing world: Middle East and Asian Perspectives Volume 3 (pp.322-336). Cape Town: CYC-Net Press.
  • Wong, M. M. C., Leung, T. Y. K., & Chan, K. C. (2018). The application of small group learning approach to social group work teaching. Social Work with Groups.
  • Wong, M. M. C., Ma, J. L. C., & Chan, C. L. (2017). The impact of poverty on children in out-of-home care services in a Chinese context and the application of multiple family group therapy to enrich their family lives. Children and Youth Services Review.
  • Wong, M. M. C. (2016). Parents’ experiences during the family reunification process: A Chinese Context. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 10, 339-348.
  • Wong, M.M. C. (in press). Breaking the Disadvantage Cycle - Educational needs of out-of-home care children in Hong Kong. In McNamara, P. Montserrat, C. & Wise, S. (eds). Education in Out of home Care: Policy, Practice and Research. Springer.