Prof. Leung Suk-man, Grace

Dr. Leung Suk-man, Grace


Senior Lecturer

BSW (HK PolyU), PgDip (Family-Centred Social Work) (HK PolyU), MA (HK PolyU), PhD (HKU); RSW 3943 7527
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Research Interests

  • Children stress and resilience
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Practice research
  • Social work education


Curriculum Vitae

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List of publications

  • 梁淑雯,許思賢 ,葉穗娟,張柏妍,黄嘉惠。(2014) 。「完」滿接焦 -小學生情緒健康介入服務計劃教材套。香港: 香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系和優質教育基金。
  • 梁淑雯,許思賢 ,葉穗娟,張柏妍,黄嘉惠。(2014) 。自在了。香港: 香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系和優質教育基金。
  • 肖莉娜, 梁淑雯, 何雪松. (2014). 青少年學業壓力, 父母支持與精神健康. 當代青年研究, 5, 29-34.
  • Leung, G.S.M., Leung, T.Y.K., Ng, M.L.T. (2013). An outcome study of gestalt-oriented growth workshops. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 63(1), 117-125. doi: 10.1521/ijgp.2013.63.1.117
  • Leung, G.S.M., Lam, D.O.B., Chow, A.Y.M., Wong, D.F.K., Chung, C.L.P. & Chan, B.F.P. (2011). Cultivating reflexivity in social work students: A course-based experience. The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 11, 54-74. doi:
  • Leung, G.S.M., Yeung, K. C., & Wong, D.F.K. (2010). Academic stressors and anxiety in children: The role of paternal support. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 19, 90-100. doi: 10.1007/s10826-009-9288-4
  • Leung, G.S.M., & He, Xuesong (2010). Resourcefulness: A protective factor buffer against the academic stress of school-age children. Educational Psychology, 30, 395-410. doi: 10.1080/01443411003682574