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Mrs. Yau Ng Lai tuen Monica

Mrs. Yau Ng Lai-tuen, Monica

Professional Consultant

B Soc. Science (CUHK); MSW (HKU); RSW; Accredited Gestalt Therapy Practitioner


tel icon 3943 7559

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Research Interests

  • Children with special needs and their families
  • Family therapy and group practice
  • Gesalt therapy
  • Rehabilitation service
  • Administration and management of social welfare organizations


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • Timothy Y.K. Leung, Monica L.T. Ng, Yeung Ka Ching, Ivan T.Y. Yau (2005) 'Gender consideration couple: Reflections from Social Workers Involved in Marriage Counselling', in "Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage :Professional Practice in the Hong Kong Cultural Context" ,edited by Katherine P.H. Young &AnitaY.L.Fok, Hong Kong University Press,p.221-242
  • 邱吳麗端,「望子成龍」,編入 《青少年與家庭治療》第八章,馬麗莊著,台北市:五南圖書出版 公司,2001年5月初版,p.145-162
  • 邱吳麗端、劉玉瓊,「為弱能兒童家庭提供全面支援」,編入《追求卓越──兒童康復服務新知與實踐》,石丹理主編, 商務印書館(香港)有限公司,2006年,p.313-223