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Prof. Wong Hung

Prof. Wong Hung

Associate Professor

BSSc (CUHK); MA, PhD (Warwick); RSW


tel icon 3943 7510

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Research Interests

  • Poverty & social security
  • Labour & marginal groups
  • Community work & social work
  • Social capital & social exclusion


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications



  • Wong, H. (2015). The hope of poverty eradication: Examination of poverty problem in Hong Kong (Revised Edition) (「無窮」的盼望: 香港貧窮問題探析增訂版) . Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Co. (in Chinese)


Journal Publications:
  • Wong, H., & Ye, S. (2014). Impact of enforcing a statutory minimum wage on work and quality of life of vulnerable groups in Hong Kong. International Journal of Social Welfare, 2015(24), 223-235. DOI: 10.1111/ijsw.12117. (SSCI)
  • Huang, Y., & Wong, H. (2014). Impacts of Sense of Community and Satisfaction with Governmental Recovery on Psychological Status of the Wenchuan Earthquake Survivors. Social Indicators Research, 117(2), 421,436. (SSCI)
  • Saunders, P., Wong, H., & Wong, W. P. (2014). Deprivation and Poverty in Hong Kong. Social Policy & Administration, 48(5), 556-575. (SSCI)
  • Wong, H. (2011). Quality of life of poor people living in remote areas in Hong Kong. Social Indicators Research, 100(3), 435–450. (SSCI)


Selected Projects

  • 2012- 2017

Principal Investigator, “Trends and Implications of Poverty and Social Disadvantages in Hong Kong: A Multi-disciplinary and Longitudinal Study”,

Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme 2011/2012, Research Grants Council.

Funding: HKD 3,250,000.

  • 2014- 2018

Co-Principal Investigator, “Evaluation Study on Incentive Scheme to further encourage Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients of the Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-reliance to secure Employment”,

Social Welfare Department.

Funding: HKD 1,430,000.

  • 2009- 2012

Principal Investigator, “The Impact of the Introduction of a Statutory Minimum Wage on Labour Market Conditions and the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Groups in Hong Kong”,

Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Research Grants Council.

Funding: HKD 448,500.

  • 2010- 2011

Principal Investigator, “Research Study on the Deprivation and Social Exclusion in Hong Kong”,

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Funding: HKD 448,500.

  • 2001- 2004

Principal Investigator, “An Evaluative Research on the Pilot and Existing Services for the Homeless People in Hong Kong”,

Social Welfare Department.

Funding: HKD 1,298,562.


Key Community and Other Services

  • 12/2014 – present

Vice Chairperson,

UNISON Hong Kong

  • 9/2013 – present

Council Member,

Oxfam Hong Kong

  • 12/2006 – present


Election Committee (Social Welfare),

Hong Kong SAR Government

  • 1/2013 – 12/2014

Co-opted Member

Social Security and Retirement Protection Task Force, Commission on Poverty

Hong Kong SAR Government

  • 9/2012 – 8/2014


Committee on Social Security and Employment Policy,

Hong Kong Council of Social Service

  • 8/2014 – present


Steering Committee for Promotion Personal Development through Social and Civic Engagement, CUHK

  • 8/2014 – present


Centre for Quality of Life,

Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

  • 8/2015 – present

Deputy Director,

Centre for Social Innovation Studies,

Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK


Awards & Honor

  • 2015

26th Secondary Students' Best Ten Books Election Award

Hong Kong Public Libraries & Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union

  • 2012

Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence – CNOOC Grants 2012-13

Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 2011

Exemplary Teaching Award 2011

Faculty of Social Science,

Chinese University of Hong Kong