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Prof. Wong Mei-ching, Mooly

Assistant Professor

B.S.W. (HKU), Dip. C.S. (Canada), M.A. , Ph.D. (CUHK), R.S.W.


tel icon 3943 7514

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Research Interests

  • Family-centered practice
  • Family therapy
  • Group work
  • Child protection
  • Children in care
  • Foster care
  • Adoption


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • Wong, M. M. C. (in press). Parents 'experiences during the family reunification process: A Chinese Context. Asian Social Work and Policy Review.
  • Wong, M. M. C. (2016).The lived experiences of children in care with the going home process in a Chinese context: An exploratory study. The Open Family Studies Journal, 8, 1-12
  • Wong, M. M. C., Ma, J. L. C. & Chan, C. L. (2015) Multiple Family Group Therapy for Families with Children Placed in Out-Of-Home Care in a Chinese Context. Social Work with Groups, 38, 2, 106-121, DOI: 10.1080/01609513.2014.921882
  • 黃美菁 (2015)。以「相片反思」協助住宿照顧兒童闡述其「回家」的經驗和過程。載於陳偉業、盧浩元、梁玉麒、黃幹知(編著),社會工作小組叢書(八);相入非扉 (頁188-197)。香港:策馬出版。
  • 黃美菁, 馬麗莊, 邱吳麗端, 梁陳彩蓮 (2014) 。照顧兒童及其家庭之多元家庭小組工作手冊。香港: 聖公會聖基道兒童院及香港中文大學社會工作學系家庭及小組實務研究中心。