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Prof. Wu Qiao bing

Prof. Wu Qiaobing

Associate Professor

Ph.D., MPH (University of Southern California); M.Phil. (Chinese University of Hong Kong); B.Law (Peking University)


tel icon 3943 7506

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Research Interests

  • Health, Mental Health, and Health Related Behaviors of Children and Adolescents
  • Health Disparities
  • Migration
  • Social Capital
  • Intervention/Prevention Research
  • Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice
  • Advanced Statistical Methods/Mixed Methods


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • Wu, Q., Lu, D., & Kang, M. (2015). Social capital and the mental health of children in rural China with different experiences of parental migration. Social Science and Medicine, 132, 270-277. (SSCI, IF=3.568)
  • Wu, Q., Tsang, B., & Ming, H. (2014). Social capital, family support, resilience and educational outcomes of Chinese migrant children. British Journal of Social Work, 44(3), 636-656. (SSCI, IF=1.484)
  • Wu, Q. & Chow, C. C. (2013). Social service utilization, sense of community, family functioning and the mental health of new immigrant women in Hong Kong. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10(5), 1735-1746. (SSCI, IF=1.993)
  • Wu, Q., Palinkas, L. A., & He, X. (2011). Social capital in promoting the psychosocial adjustment of Chinese migrant children: Interaction across contexts. Journal of Community Psychology, 39(4), 421-442. (SSCI, IF=1.488)
  • Wu, Q., Xie, B., Chou, C., Palmer, H. P., Gallaher, P., & Johnson, C. A. (2010). Understanding the effect of social capital on the depression of urban Chinese adolescents: An integrative framework. American Journal of Community Psychology, 45(1), 1-16. (SSCI, IF=2.888)