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The following programmes are accepting applications for the 2017-18 Intake. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications and application materials as soon as possible since (i) The Admission Panels will start reviewing applications once required application materials are received. Applications will not be reviewed only until the end of every Round; (ii) Competitions at later rounds are more competitive as places are fewer and fewer.


Programme First Round Second Round Third Round
MPhil-PhD Programme in Social Welfare 1 Dec 2016 1 Feb 2017 n/a

Master of Social Science Programme in Social Work (MSSc)


Master of Social Work Programme (MSW)


Master of Arts Programme in Family Counselling and Family Education (MAFCFE)


Master of Arts Programme in Social Policy (MASP)


Master of Arts Programme in Social Service Management(MASSM)

Online Application Deadline:
15 Nov 2016


Document Arrival Deadline*:
16 Nov 2016

Online Application Deadline:
13 Jan 2017


Document Arrival Deadline*:
17 Jan 2017

Online Application Deadline:

MSSc and MAFCFE: 16 Mar 2017
MSW, MASP and MASSM: 14 Apr 2017


Document Arrival Deadline*:

MSSc and MAFCFE: 20 Mar 2017
MSW, MASP and MASSM: 18 Apr 2017


* "Document" refers to all required supporting documents such as Official Transcript and Confidential Recommendation. "Arrival Deadline" refers to the date when the Graduate Division of Social Work receives the documents (i.e. not the postage stamp date).