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An Exploratory Study of the Proposed Family-centered Intervention for Adults with Asperger Disorder /High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

Project Team Members Prof. Mooly Wong
Prof. Joyce Ma
Dr. Lily Xia
Miss Shirley Wan Po San
Mr. Iu Ting Kwok 
Duration 2017 - 2018

This project is a research collaboration between our Centre and SAHK.

The objectives of the project is to examine the appropriateness of family-centered intervention and to develop treatment principles in helping families of adult members with high-functioning ASD. The team will design and develop family-centered intervention for families with one or both spouses diagnosed with high-functioning ASD (with IQ not lower than 70). Services to be offered comprise two parts: a) individual family therapy for the families, and b) one multiple family therapy (MFT)

Funding body SAHK


A study of the Treatment Efficacy of Multiple Family Therapy in Helping Chinese Families of Parents in Recovery of Major Depression

Project Team Members Prof. Ma Lai-chong, Joyce
Prof. Lai Yee-ching, Kelly
Dr. Wan Suk-fan, Erica
Mrs. Yau Ng Lai-tuen, Monica
Ms. Sania Yau 
Duration 2016 - 2019

This project is a research collaboration between our Centre and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

This study aims to:

  • develop a clinically useful, culturally relevant and socially effective model of practice on MFT with Chinese families with a parent or two in recovery of major depression;
  • evaluate the applicability and treatment efficacy of MFT in helping Chinese families with a parent or parents in recovery of depression; and
  • identify theories of change so developed by using the data set generated in this research including the family experiences toward MFT and their subjective experiences in the group process.
Funding body New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association



Project Team Members Prof. Wong Mei-ching, Mooly
Prof. Ma Lai-chong, Joyce
Mrs. Yau Ng Lai-tuen, Monica
Dr. Yuan Rui, Rhea
Dr. Xia Lili, Lily
Duration 2016 - 2018

A project initiated by Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association attempts to use family-centered approach to serve poor families with children with special education needs.

The study aims at evaluating:

  • The family-centeredness of the project
  • The impacts of the project on the serving families
  • The services satisfaction level of the parents
  • The public attitude towards SEN children and their families

Also, it services for improving the services delivery model.

Funding body Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association



Project Team Members Prof. Zhou Hui-quan, Mary
Mrs. Yau Ng Lai-tuen, Monica
Duration 2015 - 2016

The study aims at evaluating the programme effectiveness of Investor Education Centre's workplace financial education programme.

Participants' experiences and comments will be gaterhed for assessment and analysis, to identify areas of improvement for future programme development.




Project Team Members Prof. Siu Fung-ying, Angela
Mrs. Yau Ng Lai-tuen, Monica
Duration May 2016 – Aug 2016

In view of the lack of development and opportunities of inclusive sports in Hong Kong, the programme aims at:

  • Understanding the needs of the coaches of HKRU when working with youngsters with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Providing the coaches with fundamental and essential knowledge and skills required for coaching

The objective of phase I is to develop a training plan that is appropriate for the work setting of HKRU by conducting training needs assessment.

Funding body Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation


A Study on Family Mediation Services in Hong Kong

Project Team Members Prof. Wong Mei-ching, Mooly
Prof. Ma Lai-chong, Joyce
Ms. Lam Tze-yan
Dr. Wong Lai-cheung
Dr. Yuan Rui, Rhea
Duration 2015 - 2016

The study includes two objectives:

  1. to evaluate the workability and effectiveness of family mediation services in the cultural context of Hong Kong
  2. to evaluate the cost-benefit and outcomes of HAB's Pilot Scheme


It adopts a mixed methods design including survey and interview. Data are collected from multiple respondents, including services users, children, family mediators, family mediation supervisors and stakeholders. The findings are used to help the Government to formulate policies that can alleviate the stress of divorcing/separating families in a more cost-effective way.

Funding body Sponsored by the Family Council and commissioned by the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR


Evaluation Study on The Women's Foundation's Employability Training Programme for Marginalised Women

Project Team Members Prof. Zhou Hui-quan, Mary
Mrs. Yau Ng Lai-tuen, Monica
Duration 2014 - 2017
Description The project aims:-
1. To assess the effectiveness of the programme on the following levels
  1. Individual level: (a) improving the participants' level of financial literacy and employability; (b) helping them to gain confidence and acquire knowledge and skills to pursue greater economic self-reliance; (c) enhancing the quality of life for themselves; and (d) assisting marginalised women with potential in capacity building by providing them with training to deliver financial literacy training to future generations of beneficiaries.
  2. Family level: (a) empowering the families; and (2) improving the quality of life of the families.
  3. Community level: (a) building network of businesses which are motivated to help marginalised women in poverty to stand on their own feet; and (b) establishing a social support network for marginalized women.
2. To examine the perceptions and experiences of the participants in the programme.
3. To investigate the factors conducive to the success of the programme.
4. To explore the long-term influences on individuals and the communities.
5. To evaluate the sustainability of the programme model for marginalised women and explore its applicability to other women's groups.
6. To look into the underlying root causes for the feminisation of poverty and shedding light on effective approaches and measures to deal with the issue.
Funding body The Women's Foundation, Hong Kong



Completed Project

2013 to 2015 A Study of the Efficacy of an Indigenous Multi-family Groups for Chinese Families in Hong Kong with Children Suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
2013 to 2015 Training project on family-centered practice with cancer patients for Hong Kong Cancer fund
2012 to 2014 Family-centre Practice Research for S.K.H. St. Christopher's Home
2012 to 2014 Phase 2 of Shandong Project:
Research Project on the Development of Family-centered Services Model in Working with Youth and Families in China
2011 to 2014 Evaluation Study on The Women's Foundation's Financial Literacy Programme for Marginalised Women
2011 to 2012 Research on Work-family Balance of Full-time Employees in Hong Kong
2010 to 2012 Phase 1 of Shandong Project:
Research on Social Work Intervention and Education in Shandong
2005 to 2012 Family-centred Practice with Families with Children Having Nonattendance Problem
2007 to 2011 Project on Family Therapy and Eating Disorder in Shenzhen, China
2008 to 2010 Projects on Multiple Family Groups
2009 Evaluation on Effectiveness of Treatment Group Using Strategies and Skills Learning and Development (SSLD) and Mindfulness Practice on Chinese Adults with Insomnia
2009 Harmony Praxis Project