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Conferences / Seminars / Workshops Organized


The Social Welfare Research Summit 2017-18: Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development in a Polarizing World, organized by Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong – held at CUHK (18-20 December 2017)


Conference Presentations/ Participations


Zhou, H. (2016, November). Adoption and use of social media: Chinese nonprofits in the Web 2.0 Era. Presentation in Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) Annual Conference, Washington DC.
Zhou, H. (2016, October). Leadership programme for non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong: A tripartite collaboration among business, academia and social service sectors. Presentation in the 1st Beijing-Hong Kong Philanthropy Forum, Beijing, China.
Zhou, H. & Pan, Q. (2016, June). How Chinese philanthropic NGOs use social media. Presentation in ISTR 12th International Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.
Garcia, A.R., Greeson, J.K., Kim, M., Thompson, A., & DeNard, C. (2017, January). Do mental health services disrupt the delinquency pipeline among Latino, African American and Caucasian youth in the child welfare system? Oral paper presented in the 21st Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), New Orleans, LA, USA.
Greeson, J.K. Garcia, A.R., Kim, M., Thompson, A., & Courtney, M. (2016, January). Development & maintenance of social support among aged out foster youth who received independent living services: Results from the multi-site evaluation of foster youth programs. Oral Paper presented in the 20th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Washington, DC, USA.
Kim, M., & Garcia, A.R (2016, January). Measuring mental health service disparities in child welfare. Oral paper presented in the 20th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Washington, DC, USA.
Dai, H. (2017, May). Gender and employment: Reemployment programs in Hangzhou and Hong Kong. Conference on Social Policy in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, China.


Knowledge Transfer Activities (Presentations/ Research Consultation)


Kim, M. (2017). Evidence-based practice in Hong Kong: Challenges and promise. (Invited) presentation at 6th Conference on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong.
Kim, M. (2016). NGO’s roles in social work and community development in Hong Kong. (Invited) presentation at the Symposium of “Community Development in East Asia” organized by Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
Consultant, Dai. H. (2017-Present). Resolve Foundation Limited.
Consultant, Dai. H. (2016-Present) Enrich Personal Development Limited.
Consultant, Kim, M. (2016-Present) KELY Support Group Limited