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Inaugurated this year (2015), the Research Programme for Social Work Education aims at using evidence-based approach to address issues related to social work education. The Research Programme aims to enhance quality of teaching and learning in social work through research, training and field practice. Constructed with a framework of collaborative learning, the Research Programme encourages social work educators working together as reflective researchers and practitioners to review and develop education models, and to seek ways to enhance teaching and learning in social work. 




  • To conduct research on social work and field work education;
  • To generate and develop indigenized knowledge in social work education;
  • To promote collaborative and partnership with other training institutions to advance social work and field work education;
  • To develop social work education by disseminating new knowledge and practice;
  • To seek ways to enhance teaching and learning insocial work.


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Address: Room 504, T. C. Cheng Building, United College,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3943 7526
Fax: 2603 5018
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