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Since the mid-1980s, the rapid development and transformation of social work education, the social work profession and welfare service provisions in Mainland China have instigated international interest in the development of social work and social welfare there. For two decades, faculties in our Department have been actively engaging in different research projects on social work and social welfare in China. Striving to be a leading centre of social work education and research in Chinese communities, and building on the cumulative work done in the past, in January 2012 the Department inaugurated the "Social Work and Social Welfare in China Research Programme" (the Programme) under the supervision of the Social Welfare Practice Research Centre. The Programme sets out to promote synergy for research and practice among staff and postgraduate students in the Department of Social Work, with a view to promoting the development of social work and social welfare in Mainland China.




1) To facilitate exchange, collaboration and integration of research, practice and publication activities among staff and students of the Department;
2) To enhance knowledge building and knowledge transfer, and promote quality research in social work and social welfare in Mainland China;
3) To render critical attention to the development of welfare policy and welfare service provisions, and the indigenisation of social work in Mainland China.


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