Conference Presentations/ Participations

Chen, A. & Wong, H. (2016, April). The Social Governance and the Revocation Crisis of Advocacy NGO in Contemporary China. Paper presented at The 74th Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, USA.
Dai, H. (2017, May) Urbanization and coordinated family care in transitional communities in China. Paper presented at The Transforming Care Conference, Milan, Italy. (Also served as the panel convener)
Dai, H. (2016, June) Decentralization and village welfare systems: Community bonding in post-socialist China. Paper presented at the HKU-USC-IPPA Conference on Public Policy, Hong Kong, China.
Dai, H. (2016, January) From personal ties to village welfare: Changing community bonding in post-socialist rural China. Paper presented at The 20th Annual Conference Anniversary Celebration of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Washington, DC.
Kim, M. (2017, March). [Invited Speaker] Evidence-based practice in Hong Kong: Challenges and promise. Paper presented at the 6th Conference on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence, Hong Kong, China.
Kim, M. (2016, October). [Invited Speaker] NGO’s roles in social work and community development in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the Symposium Community Development in East Asia, Seoul, Korea.
Leung, T.T.F. (2017, July). Experiential knowledge in the provision of social services – Towards user involvement in service planning and governance. Paper presented at the 20th Biennale ICSD Symposium, Zagreb, Croatia.
Leung, T.T.F. (2016, July). “Consensus” in participatory management: What is in a name? Presented at the Third ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria.
To, S.M., Lam, C.M., Wu, Q.B., Chen, J., & Tam, H.L. (2017, May). Searching for the meaning of parenthood through parent education: A practice research on Chinese rural-to-urban migrant mothers of left-behind children in Shenzhen, China. Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Practice Research, Hong Kong, China.
To, S.M. (2016, July). Is Mobile Parenting Possible? A Qualitative Study on the Parenting Experiences of Chinese Rural-to-Urban Migrant Mothers of Left-behind Children. Paper presented at the Third International Sociological Association Forum, Vienna, Austria.
To, S.M., Lam, C.M., Tam, H.L., Wu, Q., & Chen, J. (2016, June). Childrearing at a distance: A qualitative study on the parenting needs and experiences of Chinese rural-to-urban migrant mothers of left-behind children. Paper presented at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2016, Seoul, Korea.


Knowledge Transfer Activities (Public speech/ Short Courses/ Workshop/ Institute)

Public speech by Wong, H. (3 May 2016). Talk on retirement protection consultation paper. (No. of participants: 20 members of Serra Club Hong Kong)
Public speech by Wong, H. (2 May 2016). Street Forum on advocacy retirement protection. (No. of participants: 500)
Symposium by Wong, H. (29 June 2017). Service Learning Discussion Panel - 2017 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference. (No. of participants: 50 teachers for service learning)
Short Courses by Wong, H. (16 March 2017, 20 March 2017). Training of Partners of Community Economy Development Projects in Beijing Organized by Partnerships for Community Development. (No. of student contact hours: 150)
Short Courses by Wong, H. (20 October 2016). 香港社會福利政策與實施 Organized by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, CUHK. (廣西壯族自治區政府官員: No. of student contact hours: 120)
Workshop by Leung, T.T.F. (2 December 2017). Workshop on “Experience-based Planning” for local welfare service practitioners organized by The Institute for User Participation. (No. of participants: 24)
Institute by Leung, T.T.F. (2017, May) Founding the Institute for User Participation to promote and facilitate participatory management of service in the welfare sector.