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General Education plays a vital role in the University's mission to provide a balanced undergraduate education for all students. It equips students with the intellectual capacity for understanding critical issues, ideas, and values of humanity and of modern society. It nurtures students to be educated persons capable of making informed judgment and taking up the challenges of this ever-changing world.

The Department of Social Work provides the following General Education courses for CUHK students of different disciplines:


Course Code Course Title Unit
SOWK2190/UGEC2014 Understanding the Socially Disadvantaged 3
SOWK2160/UGEC2631 Economic Insecurity and Social Security 3
SOWK2200/UGEC2680 Interpersonal Violence 3
SOWK2202/UGEC2684 Intercultural Intelligence – Meeting the Challenges of a Culturally-diverse Society 3
SOWK2203/UGEC2693 Mission-driven Social Enterprise 3
SOWK2204/UGEC2686 Social Innovation and Social Change for Good 3
SOWK1150/UGED1600 Choices in Life: An Invitation to Self-Development 3
SOWK1130/UGED1602 Living with Grief: Understanding Death, Dying and Bereavement 3
SOWK1160/UGED1651 Movies, Life and Social Work 3
SOWK2150/UGED2611 Individual Mental Health and Healthy Families 3