Graduate receiving Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power Award 2020


Mr. Cheung Pak-shun, Dennis (張栢淳先生), who is a graduate of our MSSc Program in Social Work, has received the Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power Award 2020 (香港人道新力量 2020) co-organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross and Radio Television Hong Kong. The Award aims to recognize the devotion and contribution of the youth generation to humanity and encourage young people in humanity service to put into practice and help disseminate the humanitarian spirit.

Dennis has been devoting himself in the field of drug rehabilitation since he graduated from the MSSc Program in 2012. He established WeCycle guided tour in 2014 for people who rehabilitated from substance abuse. He hopes to rebuild a healthy lifestyle for people who suffered from drug addiction and to develop their talents with new identity to face the public and friends. The tour guides support, encourage and learn from each other to promote a drug free environment.

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Congratulations to Dennis for his great achievements!


Mr. Dennis Cheung