New Publication on “The Correlates of Academic Stress in Hong Kong”


A new publication by Dr. Chyu Pui Yung Esther (our PhD graduate supervised by Prof. Chen Ji-kang) and Prof. Chen Ji-kang titled “The Correlates of Academic Stress in Hong Kong” has been published online in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, an SSCI Q1 journal which focuses on interdisciplinary areas such as environmental sciences and engineering, public health, environmental health, occupational hygiene, health economic and global health research, etc.

Below please find an abstract of the paper:
Most previous studies have attempted to explore how different personal, familial, or school factors are linked to academic stress in Western countries. However, relatively less research has incorporated these different factors into one model to examine the most crucial correlate(s) that predict academic stress, particularly in the East Asian context, where the level of academic stress among adolescents is high. This study examined how perfectionism, social-oriented achievement motivation, parental aspiration for achievement, parent–child relationship, emphasis on academics in school and school climate work together to predict academic stress in Hong Kong. One thousand eight hundred and four students from eight secondary schools in Hong Kong participated in this study. The results indicate that perfectionism, social-oriented achievement motivation, parent–child relationships and emphasis on academics in school have significant associations with academic stress, while perfectionism and social-oriented achievement motivation, the two factors from the personal domain, are the dominant drivers of academic stress. In addition, these findings applied to both genders. As the significant correlates come from the personal, familial and school domains, this study recommends multilevel interventions for decreasing the level of academic stress. In addition, this study also suggests further research directions to examine the psychosocial mechanism between the correlates and academic stress.

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Congratulations to Esther and JK!