Big Fish Award 2021-22


Ms. Chan Choi Kiu and Mr. Li Yangli, Colby from the Bachelor of Social Science Program in Social Work as well as Ms. Wong Ching Yin, Jessie and Ms. Lui Nga Yan, Rain from the Master of Social Science Program in Social Work have received the Big Fish Award 2021-22.

The Award is established to recognize Mrs. Lam Yu Lai Ling, Teresa (林余儷玲女士)’s spirit and dedication to serve for the betterment of our society as well as to honour her significant contribution in the social work field. The Awards are given to students who possess the following attributes:

  • Personal qualities: Demonstrating genuine care for people, passion in serving, positive learning attitudes, strong leadership, good team work and commitment to promote social wellbeing; and
  • Academic merit: Having obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.00 (B) or above and a good grade at the Field Instruction course if they have already taken it.

To extend our congratulations to the awardees, an Award Presentation Ceremony will be held.

Congratulations to Choi Kiu, Colby, Jessie and Rain!

Big Fish Award 2021 22 Group Photo

Big Fish Award 2021 22 Tour

Photos taken during an Engagement Activity of The Big Fish Award