We are happy to inform you that two of our colleagues, namely Ms. Lai Fung Ying and Ms. Lai Suet Yee, Snowy have received the University’s 15-year Long Service Award 2022. 

Ms. Lai Fung Ying joined the University in 2006 and has been providing outstanding support to our staff and students since she joined our Department in 2019. She is mainly responsible for general cleansing and maintenance works, pantry services, storage management, and documents delivery. Her effort in maintaining a neat and comfortable environment for our Department is highly appreciated. We sincerely thank Ying for being very helpful and providing us with prompt and quality assistance.

Ms. Lai Suet Yee, Snowy was the former Secretary to the Graduate Division and current Departmental Secretary. Snowy’s tremendous effort in handling various matters professionally is commendable. We thank her for providing administrative and executive support to the Department Chairperson on daily operations, providing secretarial service to departmental meetings, handling personnel and budgetary matters, coordinating departmental activities, handling program matters, and supervising and coaching administrative colleagues. She is appreciated for being trustworthy, detail-minded, enthusiastic and people-oriented. We are grateful to have Snowy as our outstanding gate-keeper to facilitate the smooth and successful implementation of different measures as well as enable the Department to maintain a healthy financial status.

Hearty congratulations to Ying and Snowy. We sincerely thank them for their dedicated service throughout the years!


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Gifts Presented to Ms. Lai Fung Ying and Ms. Snowy Lai on June 9, 2023