Our students participated in the Zhejiang Study Tour from May 15–22. The study tour was organized in collaboration with the Department of Sociology at Zhejiang University with the aim of gaining an in-depth understanding of the social work services development in Mainland China. Students visited various social welfare organizations and social work institutions in Hangzhou, such as the Zhejiang University School of Medicine Children’s Hospital, the Disabled People's Federation, and the Hangzhou Jiubao Street Social Work Station, allowing them to understand more about the development status of social work services in Hangzhou and even in mainland China in a holistic, multi-angled, and in-depth manner. This academic exchange activity has brought new insights to our students and inspired them to think broader and deeper.

Study Tour 1

Study Tour 2

Study Tour 3

Study Tour 4

(You are welcome to click this link to read the Zhejiang Study Tour Report)