Prof. Dai Haijing


Assistant Professor


Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.A. (Literature and Economics) (Peking University); M.S.W., M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D. (University of Michigan); RSW



Specialty and Research Interests

Community organizing and development, state and civil society, poverty and social inequality, resistance and collective action, welfare policies and social services, reforms and contentions in post-socialist China, ethnography.



Five Representative Publications

  • Dai, H. (2014). The Discontents of Reform: Boundary Work and Welfare Stigma at Mixed Elder Homes in China.  Journal of Social Policy, 43(3), 497-515.
  • Dai, H. (2014). To Build an Extended Family: Feminist Organizational Design and its Dilemmas in Women-Led Non-Governmental Elder Homes in China.  Social Forces, 92(3), 1115-1134.
  • Dai, H. (2013). Care for Whom: Diverse Institutional Orientations of Non-governmental Elder Homes in Contemporary China. British Journal of Social Work, doi:10.1093/bjsw/bct058.
  • Dai, H. (2013). Social Inequality in a Bonded Community: Community Ties and Villager Resistance in a Chinese Township.  Social Service Review, 87(2), 269-291.
  • Dai, H. (2011). Surviving in “Localistic Communitas”: Endogenous Multicultural Community Organizing among Migrant Workers in Post-Socialist China. Journal of Social Service Research, 37, 165-179.




Tel: 3943 1830




Curriculum Vitae