Clarks Social Science Budding Scholar Awards 2016-17



Prof. Steven Ngai, Prof. Wallace Chan and Prof. Dai Haijing present the awards to Miss Pang Cheuk Ting Amy.


The Clarks Social Science Budding Scholars Award's Presentation Ceremony was held on 11 October 2017. Four social work undergraduate students received the award for their outstanding academic papers in the following courses in 2016-17:


SOWK2020 Philosophy and Principles of Social Work
Award Recipient: Cheuk Yik Hung (Year 2)


“Applying Problem-Solving Approach in Community Capacity Development: Strengths, Limitations, and Possibilities”
SOWK2230 Community Work
Award Recipient: Ng Nok Si (Year 2)


SOWK3340 Social Policy and Planning
Award Recipient: Chau Ho Ting (Year 3)


“A Comparative Study on Education Policy for Ethnic Minority of Hong Kong and Singapore”
SOWK3340 Social Policy and Planning
Award Recipient: Pang Cheuk Ting Amy (Year 3)