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Social Science Faculty Package Course List

To encourage students to gain exposure to knowledge outside their Major discipline, each Faculty provides a Faculty Package: this allows students to take courses normally worth up to 9 credit units outside their Major but within the Faculty, thus broadening their knowledge beyond their chosen fields of specialisation. Credit units thus earned will count towards their Major Requirements.


The Department of Social Work provides the following Faculty Package courses for students of Faculty of Social Science:



Course Code Course Title Units
SOWK1001 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare 3
SOWK1113 Self-development in Changing Society 3
SOWK1114 From Understanding to Empowering the Socially Disadvantaged 3



Students from the Department of Social Work may enrol into the following courses:



Course Code Course Title Units
ARCH1001 Living Architecture 3
ARCH1002 Understanding Cities 3
COMM1110 Media and Everyday Life 3
COMM1120 Development of Mass Communication 3
ECON1210 Economics and Society 3
ECON1220 Contemporary Economic Thinking 3
ECON2011 Basic Microeconomics
GLSD1001 Introduction to Global Studies I
GPAD1020 Fundamentals of Government
GPAD1076 Thinking Politically
GPAD1077 Critical Debates in Hong Kong
GRMD1302* People, Space and Place*
GRMD1401 A World of Diversity
GRMD1402 Global Change and Sustainability
GRMD1404 Geographical Landscape of the World
PSYC1000 General Psychology
PSYC1630 Psychology of Interpersonal Communication
SOCI1001 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1201 Hong Kong Society: Identities and Boundaries
URSP1001 Introduction to Urban Studies
URSP1002 Urban Studies in a Nutshell

 *Only applicable to students admitted in 2018-19 and thereafter