Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops Organized

Conference Presentations/ Participations:

  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2017, August). Mutual aid among young people with chronic illness: A critical review of extant literature. Paper presented in the 13th International Symposium and 2017 Annual Conference of Social Policy. Nanchang, China.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2017, May). Cognitive-behavioral integrated treatment (CBIT) training to address youth’s drug abuse. Paper presented in the 5th International Conference on Social Sciences and Management. Kyoto, Japan.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2016, December). Financial dependence on parents, unemployment duration, job information acquisition, self-actualization and work motivation: A study of unemployed youth in Hong Kong. Paper presented in the 2016 International Forum on Social Welfare in Chinese Societies. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2016, July). The labour market experiences of mobile youth population in Hangzhou. Paper presented in the Forum on “Mobile Population Services and Management under a New Mode of Economic Growth: New Issues and Policy Responses” in the 2016 Academic Annual Conference of the Chinese Sociological Association. Lanzhou, China
  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2016, July). Informal employment and social exclusion among young rural-urban migrant workers in China. Paper presented in the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology. Vienna, Austria.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2016, March). Cascading effects of training for cognitive-behavioral integrated treatment (CBIT) on youth’s drug abuse. Paper presented in the Symposium and Exposition on Drug Rehabilitation Services. Hong Kong, China.
  • Wong, H. & Raees, B. (2017, September-October). Protection or exclusion: national and international social protection policy on migrant domestic workers. Paper presented in the Symposium on Hidden Migration and Data for Sustainable Development Goals Monitoring. Bristol, UK.
  • 黃洪 (2016,9月)。香港社會保障受助人的匱乏與社會排斥: 香港貧窮與社會弱勢的趨勢—跨學科及縱向研究的結果分析。論文發表華人社會救助研討會。中國南京。
  • To, S.M., Lam, C.M., Wu, Q.B., Chen, J., & Tam, H.L. (2017, May). Searching for the meaning of parenthood through parent education: A practice research on Chinese rural-to-urban migrant mothers of left-behind children in Shenzhen, China. Paper presented in the 4th International Conference on Practice Research. Hong Kong, China.
  • To, S.M. (2016, July). Is Mobile Parenting Possible? A Qualitative Study on the Parenting Experiences of Chinese Rural-to-Urban Migrant Mothers of Left-behind Children. Paper presented in the Third International Sociological Association Forum. Vienna, Austria.
  • To, S.M., Lam, C.M., Tam, H.L., Wu, Q., & Chen, J. (2016, June). Childrearing at a distance: A qualitative study on the parenting needs and experiences of Chinese rural-to-urban migrant mothers of left-behind children. Paper presented in the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2016. Seoul, Korea.
  • Chen, J.K. (2017, June). Prevalence and associates of student violence against students and teachers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Paper presented in the Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2017. Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Chen, J.K. (2016, August). School victimization, social support and psychological distress among school students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Paper presented in the 21st ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect. Calgary, Canada.
  • Zhou, H., Dai, H., Hu, M. & Tadeo, M. (2017, December). Impact evaluation study of Enrich’s “Financial and Empowerment Education Programme”. Paper submitted to the Investor Education Center of Hong Kong with press release and conference. Hong Kong, China.
  • Dai, H. (2016, November) Work-integration social enterprises (WISE) and productivist welfare regime in Hong Kong. Paper presented in the Fourth International Conference on Social Policy and Governance Innovation: Innovation in Social Service Delivery, Hong Kong SAR, China.
  • Dai, H. (2016, July) The paradox of integration: Work-integration social enterprises (WISE) for marginalized women in Hong Kong. Paper presented in the 12th International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR), Stockholm, Sweden.


Knowledge Transfer Activities:

Legislative Council

  • (Submission to Welfare Panel of Legislative Council by Wong, H.) (27 March 2017) Homeless problem in Hong Kong.
  • (Submission to Welfare Panel of Legislative Council by Wong, H.) (18 April 2016) On retirement protection. (Members of Welfare Panel of Legislative Council, No. of participants: 12)


  • (Symposium: Wong, H.) (22 May 2016) Explanatory session of Scholar Proposal on Old Age Pension. (Members of Legislative Council and Commission on Poverty, No. of participants: 13)

Project Collaboration

  • (Project Collaborator: Baig, R.) (01/03/2017 – 28/02/2018) lnterculturalism and Motherhood: Agents of Change in Multicultural Hong Kong (Project Code: KPF17ICF17), Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF), HK$400,000
  • (Project Collaborator: Baig, R.) (01/02/2017 – 31/01/2018) Social Integration with the 5%: Social Empowerment of Migrant Workers and Intercultural Communication between Migrant Workers and Secondary Students (Project Code: KPF17ICF19), Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF), HK$200,000


  • (研究报告: 杜平) (2016)。领导干部的性别意识与实践:现状分析与政策建议研究报告 。提交给天津市妇儿工委的委托课题研究报告 。
  • (研究报告: 王星) (2017)。全国农村社区示范区评估。提交给民政部。
  • (研究报告: 王星) (2016)。天津市深化预防青少年违法犯罪工作报告。提交给共青团天津市委员会。
  • (研究报告: 王星) (2016)。天津市深化预防青少年违法犯罪工作报告。提交给共青团天津市委员会。
  • (研究报告: 吴帆) (2017)。出生人口性别比治理的家庭发展政策研究(中英文)。提交联合国人口基金、中国人口与发展研究中心。
  • (研究报告: 吴帆) (2016)。中国家庭照料需求与支持现状分析。提交国家卫计委人口与发展研究中心。
  • (研究报告: 朱荟) (2017)。国务院关于进一步做好为农民工服务工作的意见 。第三方评估方案设计,提交给中国流动人口服务中心并被采纳。
  • (研究报告: 朱荟) (2016)。“已育一孩”流动育龄妇女二孩生育意愿及对卫计公共服务影响研究报告。 提交给国家卫计委流动人口司并被采纳。
  • (研究报告: 朱荟) (2016)。“十三五”时期中国计生协会事业发展与创新研究报告。提交给中国计划生育协会。