An Evidence-Based Neuropsychological Intervention for Mildly Cognitive/Emotionally Deteriorating Elderly in Hong Kong

Project Collaborator

Cheung Mei-chun

Duration 2015-2016
Funding Body Knowledge Transfer Project Fund
Amount HKD 399,534
Description This proposed service-based project aims to provide an ecologically valid intervention that is developed based upon Chinese culture for older adults in Hong Kong who show the early signs of cognitive and/or mood disorder.


「福利服務使用者參與管理」資源網站 (Web-based resource hub on user involvement in welfare service planning and management)

Coordinating Leader

Leung Tse-fong, Terry

Duration 2013 - 2014
Funding Body Knowledge Transfer Project Fund, CUHK
Amount HKD 140,260
Description (Only in Chinese) 基於社工理念的自決原則,以及配合社會福利署的評估需要,本港社福機構越來越重視服務使用者的參與,然而,機構人員對於使用者參與服務決策及管理仍有很多憂慮和困惑。「福利服務使用者參與管理」的資源網站設立的目的是透過方便的渠道,為有意推動服務使用者參與的人士,提供有用的資訊及建議。


Grief Detection and Management for Caregivers of People with Dementia

Project Collaborator

Chan Chi-ho, Wallace

Duration 2013 - 2015
Funding Body Knowledge Transfer Project Fund, CUHK/ UGC Earmarked Fund for Knowledge Transfer
Amount HKD 285,000
Description The project aims to develop a guideline of protocol for clinical and social service professionals to effectively identify grief and loss of family caregivers of people with dementia and provide necessary support so as to provide better and holistic care to both the caregivers and the people with dementia.