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A Message from the Programme Director 


Since 1977, our Department has remained committed to the provision of advanced social work training for social work practitioners by offering the Master of Social Work (MSW) Programme. This Programme is specially designed for students who already have a degree in the area of Social Science. The curriculum is designed according to the need for specialised training and advanced practice in different service settings. There are three areas of interest in the current curriculum: "Social Work and Social Welfare in China", "Children and Youth" and "Mental Health and Psychiatric Rehabilitation". Students are free to choose elective courses in any areas of interest.


In the past 41 years, the Programme has attracted students with both local and overseas training and work experience. The outstanding performance of many of our graduates in diversified fields of service testifies to the quality of the Programme.


This Programme is able to offer you a challenging and rewarding learning experience. We look forward to meeting you and hope you can join our MSW Programme.


Prof. Chen Ji-kang
Programme Director
Master of Social Work

Prof. Chen Ji kang

Prof. Chen Ji-kang

Programme Director

Master of Social Work Programme




In the face of the growing complexity of social problems, and the increasing challenges met in daily social work practice, it is of paramount importance for social work practitioners to acquire a holistic perspective and advance their knowledge and skills wherever and whenever possible. The Master of Social Work Programme aims to provide a comprehensive advanced course of social work study for students' professional and career advancement. It aims to prepare them for taking up leadership roles in their profession, particularly in practice innovation and service development.


Programme Characteristics


1. An emphasis on the integration of theory and practice.
2. A holistic curriculum that addresses service needs and intervention approaches at individual, family, and community levels.
3. A flexible curriculum that gives students freedom to concentrate on a specific area of interest or take elective courses in different areas of interest.


Important Note:

Among our postgraduate programmes, only the Master of Social Science in Social Work Programme (MSSc) is particularly designed for applicants who would like to become a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in Hong Kong after graduation.


Students admitted to the Master of Social Work (MSW) Programme are not eligible to become a RSW upon graduation.


Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of the Programme, students are expected to be able to:

1. apply social work practice knowledge and skills in interactions with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities;
2. integrate macro and micro perspectives in their practice; and
3. formulate culturally specific, holistic, and proactive practice approaches or policy alternatives according to the needs of the target group and the context in which these needs arise.


Programme of Study


Study modes available:

Full-time: 1 year
Part-time: 2 years


Required Courses Units
SOWK5111 Social Theories, Social Welfare and Social Work 3
SOWK5112 Research in Social Welfare and Social Work 3
SOWK5113 Advanced Social Work Practice 3
SOWK5810 Programme Evaluation 3


Elective Courses* Units
SOWK5061 Social Policy and Social Welfare in China 3
SOWK5630 Mental Health and Mental Disorders 3
SOWK5970 Macro Social Work Practice: Strategic Planning 3
SOWK5980 Human Resource Development in Social Services 3
SOWK6031 Clinical Supervision 3
SOWK6061 Comparative Social Security Systems 3
SOWK6062 Seminar on Selected Topics: Special Topics (I) 3
SOWK6070 Social Policy Research II 3
SOWK6210 Seminar on Selected Topics: Special Topics (II) 3
SOWK6902 Youth Culture and Youth Work 3
SOWK6907 Current Issues in Welfare Services and Welfare Administration 3
SOWK6921 Youth: Risk and Resilience 3
SOWK6923 Working with Children and Youth with Special Needs 3
SOWK6924 Use of Arts, Dance and Experiential Learning in Social Work Practice 3
SOWK6925 Family-centered Social Work Practice 3
SOWK6927 Urban Social Work in Chinese Context
SOWK6935 Clinical Social Work Practice in Mental Health
SOWK6941 Master of Social Work Project
SOWK6950 Use of Information Technology in Social Services
SOWK6970 Budgeting and Financial Planning in Social Service Organization


# Students are required to take four of these courses which are offered in accordance with resources available. Only those courses that meet the minimum enrollment quota will be offered.





The following scholarships are available to students of the MSW Programme:

1) Master of Social Work Scholarship

The scholarship amount will be equivalent to full, half or a quarter of the total programme tuition fee.


2) Distinguished Academic Scholarship for Master of Social Work Students


The Department reserves the right to review the scholarship terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.