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Study Scheme

Students are required to complete a minimum of 72 units of courses as follows:

   Term 1  Term 2
 Year 1     - SOWK1001 (Faculty Package)
 - SOWK2001
 - SOWK2110

Any TWO MORE social science faculty package courses,

offered by two different departments/schools, chosen from the list below

 Year 2   - SOWK2020
 - SOWK2210
 - SOWK2220
 - SOWK2140
 - SOWK2230
 - SOWK2430
 Year 3   - SOWK3340
 - At least one from SOWK3240, 3250
 - SOWK3310
 - SOWK3320
   (From September to March) First Placement, i.e. SOWK3410 + 3420
 Year 4    - SOWK4350  - SOWK4020
   (From September to March) Second Placement, i.e. SOWK4410 + 4420

At least THREE from SOWK4030, 4510, 4520, 4530, 4540, 4550, 4590, 4591, 4592


Social Work Major Course List


Course Code Course Title Units
 SOWK2001  Student-orientated Teaching I 2
 SOWK2020  Philosophy and Principles of Social Work 3
 SOWK2110  Human Behaviour and the Social Environment 3
 SOWK2140  Mental Disorders 2
 SOWK2210  Social Casework 3
 SOWK2220  Social Group Work 3
 SOWK2230  Community Work 3
 SOWK2430  Social Work Field Laboratory 2
 SOWK3240  Clinical Social Work Theories and Practice 3
 SOWK3250  Macro Social Work Theories and Practice 3
 SOWK3310  Social Welfare Administration 3
 SOWK3320  Social Work Research 3
 SOWK3340  Social Policy and Planning 3
 SOWK3410   Field Instruction I 4
 SOWK3420  Field Instruction II 4
 SOWK4020   Student-oriented Teaching II 2
 SOWK4030   Social Work Guided Research 3
 SOWK4350   Law and Social Work 3
 SOWK4410  Field Instruction III 4
 SOWK4420   Field Instruction IV 4
 SOWK4510   Seminar I: Family Centered Social Work 3
 SOWK4520   Seminar II: Social Work with Young People 3
 SOWK4530  Seminar III: Social Work with Older People 3
 SOWK4540   Seminar IV: Social Work with People with Special Needs 3
 SOWK4550  Seminar V: Poverty and Social Exclusion 3
 SOWK4570  Seminar VII: Art-based Social Work Practice 3
 SOWK4590  Seminar IX: Family Therapy 3
 SOWK4591^   Seminar X: Research Seminar 3
 SOWK4592^   Seminar XI: Special Seminar 3

 ^These elective courses are not offered in 2018-19.


Social Science Faculty Package Course List (Applicable to students admitted in 2018-19 and thereafter)


Course Code Course Title Units
ARCH1001 Living Architecture 3
ARCH1002 Understanding Cities 3
COMM1110 Media and Everyday Life 3
COMM1120 Development of Mass Communication 3
ECON1210 Economics and Society 3
ECON1220 Contemporary Economic Thinking 3
ECON2011 Basic Microeconomics 3
GPAD1020 Fundamentals of Government 3
GPAD1076 Thinking Politically 3
GPAD1077 Critical Debates in Hong Kong 3
GLSD1001 Introduction to Global Studies I 3*
GRMD1302 People, Space and Place 3
GRMD1401 A World of Diversity 3
GRMD1402 Global Change and Sustainability 3
GRMD1404 Geographical Landscape of the World 3
PSYC1000 General Psychology 3
PSYC1630 Communication for Healthy Relationship 3
SOCI1001 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOCI1201 Hong Kong Society: Identities and Boundaries 3
URSP1001 Introduction to Urban Studies 3
URSP1002 Urban Studies in a Nutshell 3



# Social Work Free Elective Courses Recommended by Department for Major Student’s Self-Enrichment:

Course Code Course Title Units
SOWK2160 Economic Insecurity and Society Security 3
SOWK2202 Cultural Intelligence:
Meeting the Challenge of a Culturally-diverse Society
SOWK2203 Mission-driven Social Enterprise 3
SOWK2204 Social Innovation and Social Change for Good 3



  1. SOWK courses at 2000 level and above will be included in the calculation of the Major GPA for honours classification.
  2. For students transferred to the Social Work Programme and who had taken SOWK1113 or 1114 as part of the Faculty Package, the courses should be counted as part of their elective courses. They should take an additional Faculty Package course to fulfill the Faculty Package requirement.
  3. All social work students are required to take at least one PSYC course and one SOCI course.
  4. Students are encouraged to take SOWK4030 preferably in their final year of study to enhance their research ability by conducting a guided research on selected topics.