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A Message from the Programme Director 


The Master of Social Science in Social Work (MSSc) Programme is a professional training programme leading to a professional qualification in social work. Upon graduation, students are eligible to become a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in Hong Kong.


The Programme is designed for students with a bachelor degree not majoring in social work, and is suitable for those who wish to develop a career in social work through postgraduate training. Course work of the Programme aims to provide students with solid conceptual framework and theoretical foundation for social work practice. Apart from developing social work knowledge and skills, the Programme also aims at helping students cultivate a positive identification with social work values and ethics.In additional to the academic content, all students are required to undertake a period of supervised practice in two different social service organizations during the training. We consider the high quality coursework and placement training to be the most valuable components of this professional programme.


Meanwhile, our Department endeavours to encourage cultural sensitivity among students through international experiences and cultural learning. Suitable students will be selected for international exposure in non-local field placements (such as placement at Canada, Singapore, China and Taiwan, etc.). It is our mission to develop dynamic and visionary social work practitioners and leaders who can use effective clinical, community and policy methods to promote social well-beings.


Prof. Leung Tse-fong, Terry
Programme Director
Master of Social Science in Social Work 

Prof. Leung Tse fong Terry

Prof. Leung Tse-fong, Terry, 

Programme Director

MSSc Programme in Social Work




The Master of Social Science (MSSc) in Social Work Programme is a professional programme recognized by the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board. Students of this Programme are eligible to become Registered Social Workers (RSW) in Hong Kong upon graduation. Students who hold a first degree in any discipline and wish to pursue a professional career in the social services field can apply to the Programme.


Programme Characteristics - Field Instruction


The MSSc Programme in Social Work includes 900 hours of field instruction in which 100 hours are pre-placement preparation training and 800 hours are supervised practice, in compliance with the requirement for students to be recognized as “Registered Social Worker” upon graduation. The major objective of field instruction is to provide students with an opportunity to apply social work theories in practice in a real agency setting. Students are also expected to learn different uses of community resources, and familiarize themselves with agency administration through the practicum.


Each student will be placed in two different service settings of different social welfare service agencies in fulfilling the requirement for supervised practice. Placements in China and other countries (such as Canada) can be offered, if appropriate, in order to help students develop an international perspective and wider vision.


Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of the Programme, students are expected to demonstrate:


1. an understanding of the foundation knowledge, humanistic values and ethics of social work and social policy as well as management knowledge that will allow the students to solve personal and social problems;
2. the ability to integrate theories with practice in working with individuals, groups, families, communities and institutions; and
3. the use of scientific research methods in addressing critical social issues.


Programme of Study


Study mode available

Full-time: 2 years
Part-time: 3 years


The Programme consists of 12 required courses including 2 field instruction courses (Field Instruction I and Field Instruction II), plus 2 elective courses:


Required Courses Units
SOWK5630 Mental Health and Mental Disorders 3
SOWK5911 Social Welfare and Social Policy 3
SOWK5912 Professional Values and Legal Knowledge in Social Practice 3
SOWK5920 Human Behaviour and the Social Environment 3
SOWK5951 Integrated Social Work Practice I 3
SOWK5952 Integrated Social Work Practice II 3
SOWK5953 Integrated Social Work Practice III 3
SOWK5955 Social Work Field Laboratory 3
SOWK6415 Field Instruction I 8
SOWK6416 Field Instruction II 8
SOWK6911 Social Service Planning, Programme Development and Evaluation 3
SOWK6940 Social Work Research  3



1) SOWK5955 Social Work Field Laboratory constitutes part of the 100-hour
pre-placement preparation requirement of the Social Workers Registration Board.


2) SOWK6415 / SOWK6416 Field Instruction are supervised field practicum.
Each practicum requires not less than 400 hours of supervised practice


Elective Courses Units
SOWK5060 Fundamental Theories of Social Policy 3
SOWK5061 Social Policy and Social Welfare in China 3
SOWK5111 Social Theories, Social Welfare and Social Work 3
SOWK5810 Programme Evaluation 3
SOWK5913 Social Policy and Social Welfare in Hong Kong and East Asia 3
SOWK5950 Organizational Theories for Social Services Agencies 3
SOWK5970 Macro Social Work Practice: Strategic Planning 3
SOWK5980 Human Resource Development in Social Services 3
SOWK5990 Social Enterprise 3
SOWK6061 Comparative Social Security Systems 3
SOWK6070 Social Policy Research II 3
SOWK6211F Seminar on Selected Topics: Structural Family Therapy 3
SOWK6510A Seminar on Selected Topics: Special Topics (III) Child Welfare and Social Work 3
SOWK6902 Youth Culture and Youth Work 3
SOWK6903 Family Intervention 3
SOWK6904 Cognitive-behavioural Intervention 3
SOWK6905 Solution-focused Approach 3
SOWK6906 Clinical Social Work Practice: Selected Approaches 3
SOWK6907 Current Issues in Welfare Services and Welfare Administration 3
SOWK6909 Social Work with People with Disabilities 3
SOWK6920 Master of Social Science Project 3
SOWK6921 Youth: Risk and Resilience 3
SOWK6923 Working with Children and Youth with Special Needs 3
SOWK6924 Use of Arts, Dance and Experiential Learning in Social Work Practice 3
SOWK6927 Urban Social Work in Chinese Context 3
SOWK6950 Use of Information Technology in Social Services 3
SOWK6970 Budgeting and Financial Planning in Social Service Organizations 3



1) Not all elective courses will necessarily be offered in a given year.


2) SOWK6510A and SOWK6909 are new elective courses to be offered in Term 2, 2018-19.





The following scholarships are available to students of the MSSc Programme in Social Work:

1) Master of Social Science in Social Work Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students of the full-time and part-time MSSc Programme. The scholarship amount will be equivalent to full, half or a quarter of the total programme tuition fee.


2) Ma Lai-chong, Joyce Scholarship

The Scholarship is to support one/ two non-local full-time recipients of “Master of Social Science in Social Work Scholarship”, who are with financial needs, for their living expenses in Hong Kong during their study period.


3) Distinguished Academic Scholarship for Master of Social Science in Social Work Students


4) Eva Wong Li Bik Chi Social Work Memorial Scholarship


5) Non-local Field Placement Award, Madam Tan Jen Chiu Fund


The Department reserves the right to review the scholarship terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.