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Prof. Ngai Sek-yum, Steven

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Research Interests

In recent years, I teach social work courses including Philosophy and Principles of Social Work, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Youth Social Work, as well as Social Theories, Social Welfare and Social Work. I also teach general education courses such as Choices in Life: An Invitation to Self Development and Chung Chi College Senior Seminar: Service-Learning Program. My current research interests are in the areas of social exclusion and youth citizenship, mutual aid and youth empowerment, service-learning and leadership development, and qualitative research methodology. In total, I have published over 180 articles on these areas, including 120 refereed publications in journals, books and conference proceedings. Since 2000, I have conducted 32 research projects. Among them, four are funded by RGC Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (CERG) or RGC General Research Fund (GRF), and another 21 commissioned by government bureaus/NGOs in Hong Kong or Macau. Given my ongoing efforts and remarkable performance in teaching and research, I received CUHK Faculty of Social Science Exemplary Teaching Award in 2000, CUHK Research Excellence Award in 2011, and CUHK University Education Award in 2014.


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • Ngai, S.S.Y., Cheung, C.K., & Yuan, R. (2016). Effects of vocational training on unemployed youths' work motivation and work engagement: Mediating roles of training adequacy and self-actualization. Children and Youth Services Review, 63, 93-110.
  • Yuan, R., & Ngai, S.S.Y. (2016). Agentic personality as mediator of social capital on developmental outcomes in the transition to adulthood: Evidence from Shanghai, China. Journal of Adolescence, 46, 1-13.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y. (2015). Parental bonding and character strengths among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 20(3), 317-333.
  • Cheung, C.K., & Ngai, S.S.Y. (2015). Four- and ten-month lagged effects of individual counseling on the prosocial behavior of young people. Children and Youth Services Review, 52, 89-96.
  • To, S.M., Iu Kan, S.M., & Ngai, S.S.Y. (2015). Interaction effects between exposure to sexually explicit online materials and individual, family, and extra-familial factors on Hong Kong high school students' beliefs about gender role equality and body-centered sexuality. Youth & Society, 47(6), 747-768.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y., Cheung, C.K., To, S.M., Luan, H., & Zhao, R. (2014). Economic disadvantage and transitional outcomes: A study of young people living in low-income families in Hong Kong. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 19, 318-335.
  • Ngai, S.S.Y., Cheung, C.K., To, S.M., Liu, Y., & Song, H.Y. (2013). Parent-child relationships, friendship networks, and developmental outcomes of economically disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong. Children and Youth Services Review, 35, 91-101.


 Awards & Honours

  • Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award (2000), Faculty of Social Science, CUHK
  • Research Excellence Award (2011), CUHK
  • University Education Award (2014), CUHK