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4/2012 – 3/2017 Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Research Grant Council.
Trends and Implications of Poverty and Social Disadvantages in Hong Kong: A Multi-disciplinary and Longitudinal Study

Poverty is a complex problem, which is closely linked with disadvantages and inequalities. Effective policies to alleviate poverty, deprivation and inequality remain a global and local concern. Defining, measuring and alleviating poverty is not an easy task for academics and policy makers. This proposed Strategic Public Policy Research is a coordinated effort of inter-disciplines (Social Policy, Social Work, Public Health and Geography) and inter-institutions (CUHK, HKIEd, University of Bristol, University of York and University of New South Wales) to perform a comprehensive and longitudinal research to measure and gauge the current trends as well as implications of poverty and social disadvantages in Hong Kong. This proposed research will also focus the impacts of poverty on children and youth and its relationship with health inequality.

9/2010 – 3/2011 The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Research Study on the Deprivation and Social Exclusion in Hong Kong (in Chinese)

Poverty is considered to be a complex problem in Hong Kong. Although lacking of income is one of the most important dimensions of poverty, we have to enrich our measuring tools if we want to grasp a more comprehensive picture of poverty, especially the dynamic that hinders people moving out of the poverty trap. These measuring tools have to show the real life experience and broaden our scope of poverty alleviation strategy. This paper proposes a study to develop another measuring tool for poverty to fulfill the above requirements.

4/2010 - 3/2011 Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong SAR Government
A Study on the Pattern of Urban Life in Hong Kong: A District Level Community Study of Sham Shui Po

Studies on the urban life revolving SSP have been spasmodic. It is only until the mid-2000s that academics and the public began to put more attention to the district. At the moment, there is a modicum of studies already conducted, and the public seems to have developed stereotypes of the district, which is widely seen as a dilapidated and hopeless geographical area. Building on the existing studies, this project is intended to take a fresh look and systematically analyse the socio-economic problems in SSP and the ways in which such problems can be possibly tackled. The 'SSP problems' are complex and multi-dimensional. Social issues and economics are mingled with politics and physical environments. For this reason, the project will adopt an integrated approach, drawing on different disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, sociology, social work and public administration in order to examine the 'SSP problems'.

1/2008 – 3/2008 Sham Shui Po District Council
Research on Causes of Poverty Problems in Sham Shui Po District and Future of Poverty Alleviation Policies

深水埗區是新來港人士、貧窮勞工、婦女及少數族裔較集中的區域,他們當中部分都在綜援與邊緣勞動市場之間進進出出,尋找生計。雖然一方面他們受著不少結構性因素而導致其邊緣處境,但另一方面,當中亦有部分社群會參與社區內的組織及機構的「社區經濟發展計劃」或其他計劃,以重建他們的社會資本。 本研究是跟進以上研究, 以了解區內有關扶貧計劃對居民生活、社會資本建設以及減低社會排斥的作用, 亦探討宏觀社會政策及經濟環境對深水埗區貧窮人士的影響。

2/2008 - 8/2008 Legislative Councillor Ronnie Tong's Office
Poverty, Social Discrimination, and Social Exclusion of Elderly (in Chinese)

At present, "shortage of resources" is the popular understanding from the public towards the problem of poverty. Such simplification of the issue is regrettable. Such thinking easily equates "poverty" with "inadequacy to meet the poor's daily needs", shifting the focus to questions like "Is there really inadequacy?", "Who suffered from the inadequacy?" and "How are they suffering from inadequacy?".

The discussion on "Who need the aid most?" further triggers conflicts within the society. These thoughts cannot effectively describe the causes of poverty, and does not accurately reflect the situation of poverty. On the other hand, discrimination and exclusion from the social structure is an important issue which is often overlooked. Proper focus on this issue will enable both the public and related government departments to gain an in depth understanding to the situation of people in poverty, promote a rational discussion on the problem of poverty in society, remedy the inadequacy of current social policies, strengthen the common ground on solving poverty in society and to alleviate poverty more effectively by stating clearly the causes of poverty. This is the purpose of the joint effort of the office of Ronny Tong Ka Wah, Legislative Council Member and Prof. Wong Hung at the Department of Social Work, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in carrying out a research focusing on the problem of poverty and social discrimination.

10/2006 – 9/2008 Social Welfare Department
Evaluation Study on the Two Pilot Programs: Special Training and Enhancement Programme (My STEP) and District Employment Assistance Trial (DEAT) Projects

The quantitative evaluation study compared the performance of young participants in My STEP (Special Training and Enhancement Programme Project) and IEAP (Intensive Employment Assistance Project) primarily regarding their employment, schooling, and welfare leaving.
It involved a baseline survey and a follow-up survey of young participants in My STEP and IEAP. Between December 2006 and February 2007, the baseline survey collected data from a panel of 56 participants in My STEP and another panel of 101 participants in the IEAP. Four months later, owing to attrition, the follow-up survey collected data from 53 of the 56 participants in My STEP and 70 of the 101 participants in IEAP. The surveys thus cover data of 274 cases for quantitative data analysis.

6/2006 - 3/2007 Legislative Councillor Ronnie Tong's Office
Poverty, Social Discrimination, and Social Exclusion of Women (in Chinese)


有關調查在2006年7月至9 月進行,以定額抽樣的方法在新界的屯門、天水圍 、粉嶺、上水、大埔及元朗六區訪問了706名居住在該區年齡由21歲至65歲的婦女。

7/2005 - 12/2005 Legislative Councillor Ronnie Tong's Office
Poverty, Social Discrimination, and Social Exclusion of Youth (in Chinese)

現時,香港社會對貧窮問題的主流理解就是「資源匱乏」。這種簡化問題的邏輯並沒有觸及貧窮問題的核心,把『貧窮』輕易等同於『生活不足』。把焦點集中在『是否不足?』、『什麼人不足?』及『如何不足?』之上。而『誰最需要?』這個討論上更加引發社會矛盾。鑒於這種種思維均未能從社會結構的角度,有效地探討貧窮的成因,檢視貧窮人士的處境,以至貧窮所引發的歧視問題及兩者的互為關係。就此,立法會湯家驊議員辦事處聯同香港中文大學社會工作學系的黃洪博士及樹仁學院社會工作學系的李昺偉博士推行一個對貧窮問題與社會歧視的研究計劃,讓社會及政府有關部門能夠對貧窮人士的處境有進一步的認識,並促進社會對貧窮問題進行更理性的討論。及早糾正目前社會政策的不足, 以加強社會對解決貧窮問題的共識和更有效地針對貧窮的成因來達到真正扶貧的效果。

本報告包括研究首部份有關邊遠地區青年的貧窮、歧視及排斥的情況。有關調查在2005年7月至9 月進行,以定額抽樣的方法在新界的屯門、天水圍 、粉嶺、上水、大埔及元朗六區的公共屋邨、火車站等公眾地方訪問了893名居住在該區年齡由12歲至25歲的青少年。

3/2006 - 10/2006 Oxfam Hong Kong
Employed, but Poor: Poverty among Employed People in Hong Kong. Oxfam Hong Kong Briefing Paper

Amidst a period of economic growth and development in Hong Kong, poverty not only remains, but is on the increase. Amidst the prosperity, the gap between rich and poor people is widening. Amidst talk in our nation of building a harmonious society, and talk in Hong Kong of compassion and of civic values, the facts show that trends are heading in the opposite direction: more and more people are facing marginalisation and discrimination, especially women, minorities, and elderly people.

Poverty in the workforce – also referred to as 'employment poverty' – is an issue that Oxfam Hong Kong has been addressing for several years through research, advocacy, public education, and support for community projects. We see that in the swelling ranks of the poor and the near-poor are people who do an honest day's work, but who do not receive the compensation that can provide a decent standard of living. This report examines the alarming facts on poverty among workers over the past decade and argues that the current situation is unacceptable. Solutions are urgently needed. This report also makes proposals for a path to improvement.

1/2005 – 8/2005 Sham Shui Po District Council
Poverty Problem and Poverty Alleviation work in Sham Shui Po District: A Need-based and Asset-based Analysis (in Chinese)

當深水埗區議會邀請我們為深水埗區的貧窮問題現象及扶貧工作進行研究 時,我們毫不猶疑地答應邀請。不單是由於我們覺得深水埗區的貧窮問題現象及 扶貧工作值得我們及社會關注;更重要的是我們希望可以透過這研究,讓我們重 新檢視「貧窮」這一概念和重整我們及社會對貧窮現象的看法。

「貧窮」是不受歡迎的現象,和「問題」一直是並存的雙生兄弟。沒有人 希望自己是一個貧窮的人;沒有社區希望自己是一個貧窮的社區,亦沒有一個國 家希望自己是一個貧窮的國家。想起貧窮,我們便會聯想起失業、罪惡、家庭糾 紛等一籃子的問題。扶貧工作很多時希望以不同的服務和社會政策解決貧窮和相 關的社會問題,同時亦希望社能滿足貧窮人士和社區的不同需要。這以「問題」 及「需要」為本的分析角度,是傳統扶貧工作的分析角度。

是次研究,我們希望以「資產為本」的角度去分析深水埗---一個香港最貧 窮的社區。運用資產為本的分析視野,是基於我們以往貧窮人士接觸的經驗,和 一些信念。

11/2004 – 6/2005 Central Policy Unit
A Study of Strategies for Tackling Child Poverty in Hong Kong

The consultancy study is going to adduce evidence-based views and suggestions concerning strategies for tackling child poverty. Essentially, the study is to

1. Assess the efficacy and feasibility of the strategies for attaining favorable outcomes; and
2. Adduce views and suggestions based on empirical investigation for government policy to tackle child poverty.
4/2003 – 9/2003 Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood
An Evaluative Research on the Intensive Employment Supporting Services for the Unemployed CSSA recipients of Construction Industry
4/2001 – 3/2004 Social Welfare Department, HKSAR
An Evaluative Research on the Pilot and Existing Services for the Homeless People in Hong Kong (in Chinese)

香港的露宿者問題存在已久,直至九十年代未亞洲金融風暴後,社會狀況急劇改變,其中尤以經濟低迷對市民的沖擊至大,失 業率越趨嚴重。在二零零零年,一項由樂施會贊助,基督教關懷無家者協會和聖雅各福群會、以及香港城市大學社會科學部黃洪博士 合作之「關懷露宿者2000計劃」展開,其中調查發現露宿者正趨向年輕化;深宵化;多樣化和短期化的現象,而且露宿者人數增加的情況亦引起社會人士關注。

社會福利署於二零零一年初對有關情況作出積極回應,迅速與不同露宿者服務的機構商議,增撥資源建立三隊露宿者深宵探訪隊,進行為期三年的試驗服務計劃。 計劃分成三個主要部份,包括:

(一) 建立露宿者深宵探訪隊配套支援服務的模式;
(二) 發展一套露宿者資料及服務提供的中央資料庫系統;
(三) 就服務成效、資料庫應用、服務指標等進行評估。

8/1999 – 2/2002 Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (CERG) 1999-2000, Research Grants Council (RGC)
Drawing Hong Kong's Poverty Line: An Inter-disciplinary Study

香港的貧窮及貧富懸殊問題日益嚴重。2001 年人口統計普查顯示,香港堅 尼系數由1981 年0.451 持續上升至2001 年有紀錄以來最高的的0.525,表明香 港的收入分佈愈來愈走向不平均。但由於香港政府並沒有製訂正式的貧窮線,所 以一直未能監察貧窮人口的數量及貧窮程度的變化,缺乏詳細的數據去製訂有效 的政策去解決貧窮問題。

為了製訂香港的貧窮線,香港城市大學社會科學部講師黃洪博士及李劍明先 生接受了香港研究資助局的「角逐撥款資助」1進行了「香港貧窮線研究」。該研 究在1999 年9 月至2001 年1 月間,成功進行抽樣調查,訪問了3090 個低收入 之住戶,了解這些家庭的開支模式及生活狀況。