We are pleased to share with you that Prof. Steven Ngai has been awarded “Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service” and included in the HKSAR Government's 2023 Honors List on July 1, 2023 (press release: Prof. Ngai is commended in recognition of his contributions to a number of Government boards and committees, including as a non-official member of the Social Welfare Advisory Committee (Labour and Welfare Bureau; 2013-2019) and School Allocation Committee (Education Bureau; 2016-2022), as well as the Chairman of the Board of the Urban Renewal Fund (Development Bureau; 2017-2023).

As a member of the Social Welfare Advisory Committee, Prof. Ngai kept social welfare services under continuous review and advised the Government, through the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, on all matters of social welfare policy. As a member of the School Allocation Committee, Prof. Ngai contributed to selecting eligible applicants for sponsoring estate kindergartens, aided schools, and non-profit-making private schools, and drawing up criteria for selecting existing schools for conversion to whole-day operation and reprovisioning. As Chairman of the Urban Renewal Fund Board, Prof. Ngai is leading the Board in utilizing the Urban Renewal Fund to support a people-first, district-based, and public participatory approach in urban renewal. Additionally, he is overseeing the development and review of application frameworks for urban renewal programs and monitoring the performance of successful applications.