In order to broaden students’ international horizons, cultivate students’ competency of independence and foster idea exchanges among different regions, the Department of Social Work provides various opportunities for Social Work Undergraduates to study as exchange students outside Hong Kong. Our Department signed agreements with two universities in offering quota exclusively for social work major students. Students may apply for a half-year exchange study in their third year studies in the following universities:

  • University College Dublin
  • National Taiwan University

Looking ahead, our Department will continue to explore suitable opportunities in the hope to offer more meaningful and inspiring learning experience to our students.

In addition to department-based exchange programmes, social work students are also eligible for in exchange programmes administered by Office of Academic Links (OAL) and various colleges, which may be summer exchange, term exchange or year exchange. Exchange locations include countries and cities in America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia continents. Students may browse the website of Office of Academic Links for a full list of exchange programmes as well as other details.