Awardee Sharing


2022 – 2023 Bachelor of Social Science Programme in Social Work (BSSc)
  • Ms. Li Wing Yan, Sandy (Year 2 Student)
  • Ms. Leung Ming Yan, Michelle (Year 4 Student)
  Master of Social Science Programme in Social Work (MSSc) 
  • Mr. Chow Wing Tai, Paul (Full-time Year 2 Student)
  • Mr. Tung Ming Kai, Godwin (Part-time Year 2 Student)


Ms. Li Wing Yan, Sandy (BSSc Programme in Social Work, Year 2, 2022-23)

Hung Cham Kwan Jeff

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mrs. Teresa Lam and her family for establishing the "Big Fish Award". This award holds great significance for me. It not only recognizes my dedication and efforts in the field of social work but also serves as a reminder of the human-centered spirit of the CUHK Social Work. From the moment I wrote the essay "How to equip myself to serve the community?" in the application form, shared my experiences during the personal interview, and participated in group activities, I have come to appreciate Mrs. Lam's selfless devotion to nurturing personal growth, beliefs, and attitude, truly embodying the spirit of "impacting lives with life."

Currently, I am undergoing my first placement. While I may feel a sense of trepidation, I approach each challenge with an open heart because these experiences are integral to my personal and professional growth, shaping me into a better social worker. In the future, I am committed to upholding the values taught by the CUHK Social Work and carrying forward Mrs. Lam's spirit, spreading love and kindness in every step I take.


Ms. Leung Ming Yan, Michelle (BSSc Programme in Social Work, Year 4, 2022-23)

Wong Sin Nga Zena

Recently I have started my social worker career in a Hostel for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). The work is challenging and often prompts me to reflect on whether the current practice is truly improving the welfare of my clients.

When I engaged in reflection, phrases that immediately popped up in my mind were the ones I learned in the sharing from the Big Fish Award - the debate on old/new wines and bottles. Undoubtedly, for the services for people with ID, the old wines and bottles can hardly fulfill their needs, especially when this group is now facing progressive aging issues.

Yet, when the social service sectors are trying hard to come up with new wines and bottles, it's very easy for them to mainly focus on chasing the fantasy of creative and innovative means, without realizing that some basic elements might already make a difference, i.e., self-determination.

It's very easy for even trained Social Workers to overlook the clients' needs in making choices and hence, become overly controlling or overprotective. This practice, however, overrides their right of self-autonomy and might further irritate them. This awareness informed my current practice that when looking for new wines and bottles, back to the basics is also important and shouldn't be overlooked. The best answer can just be around the corner.

Lastly, I would like to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Teresa Lam's family. The scholarship does not only support my continuous learning, but also enhanced my insight and vision in social work, as well as informed my practice. It has been an utmost precious experience for me. Thank you.


Mr. Chow Wing Tai, Paul (MSSc Programme in Social Work, Full-time Year 2, 2022-23)

Chung Man Wai Vicky

I am sincerely grateful to be one of the recipients of the Big Fish Award among many outstanding classmates. Unlike the scholarships I have received in the past, the Big Fish Award is like an exchange activity filled with imagination, innovation, and determination towards social work. I thoroughly enjoyed participating and interacting with senior social workers and talents from various fields, sharing my visions and personal growth in my career. This award has affirmed my value as a social worker and served as a fulfilling culmination of my journey as a social work student.

Currently, I am working at the Family Crisis Support Centre of Caritas. Every day, I face various challenges and hardships in my work, which prompt me to reflect on the understanding of human nature. There are times when I feel discouraged, but when I think of Teresa's spirit, I gain some strength because I know that there is still a group of exceptional individuals in this society who are willing to bear the suffering of others. I hope to pass on this selflessness, just as I received love at the Chinese University.


Mr. Tung Ming Kai, Godwin (MSSc Programme in Social Work, Part-time Year 2, 2022-23)

Pun Wai Hong Matthew

When I was preparing my speech for the “Big Fish Award” ceremony, I came across video clips of Mrs. Lam Yu Lai Ling’s public speech online. Her dedication to social issues, her determined gaze, and her tone resonated deeply with me despite our lack of personal acquaintance. Likewise, her daughter, Dorothy, has inherited her mother's keen interest in social issues and has made valuable contributions by sharing her insights on multiple occasions. I distinctly recall an exchange with Dorothy, during which we discussed the development of ”Dream Impact” and the youth co-living project that she is currently working on, where her eyes conveyed an undeniable passion for social innovation and a steadfast commitment to its pursuit, leaving an enduring impression on me.

I am deeply grateful to Mrs. Lam's family for establishing the “Big Fish Award”. Through these invaluable opportunities, I have been afforded the privilege of engaging with pioneers in social work and social innovation. Their experiences and stories of persistence are encouraging numerous social work students, including myself. I remember in a personal interview, a representative from the selection committee asked me, "How do you view the role of social worker in Hong Kong's future?" Perhaps in this ever-changing era, we may not take up major roles to drive significant changes. Still, we all have the ability and responsibility to continue fulfilling our roles - to treat each service user with care, to respect every life we encounter, and to go the extra mile beyond our responsibilities... Borrowing a classic line from the movie "The Grandmaster" - "Fight with all our might, light a lamp" - I believe that even the smallest actions we take as individuals among the crowd hold value.

Currently, I am engaged in youth development work at the “Breakthrough” organization. "To walk with young people who are being oppressed and in distress for a mile-long journey" has always been the original intention behind my pursuit of social work. I aim to help them discover and uphold their own values in a highly competitive society, enabling them to live as themselves truly. Through school-based career planning courses, adventure and growth camps, and personal growth programs that utilize art and popular music as mediums, we are building a holistic life for local youngsters.