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Jockey Club MEL Institute Project Online Community of Practice Session (“MEL CoP”) “How to Immerse Digital Social Good in Web 3.0?”

The MEL CoP was successfully held online on June 29, 2023 (Thursday). Over 136 participants from different social service fields and professional backgrounds attended the event from various parts of the world including the UK, the US and Hong Kong. We are glad to have Mr. Ralph Szeto, Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing, Mr. Matthew Tam, CEO of Social Career, Mr. Stanley Ho, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Society for Innovation and Technology in Social Work, and Ms. Honnus Cheung, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of On-Us, to share with us their experience on immersing Digital Social Good in Web 3.0.


About Us

The Centre is an inter-university Joint Research Centre, founded together with Nankai University in September 2008. It aims to enhance research collaboration and exchange among staff of both universities, with a view to promoting the development of social work and social welfare in Hong Kong and Mainland China.



  • To conduct research on social policy issues relating to social needs, and social problems at the local, regional and national levels in Chinese societies.
  • To enhance knowledge building and knowledge transfer, and promote quality research in social work and social welfare in Mainland China.
  • To render critical attention to the development of welfare policy and welfare service provisions, and the indigenisation of social work in Mainland China.
  • To enhance academic collaboration and exchange among local and overseas social policy scholars, and to encourage the mutual learning and information exchange between all levels of Mainland China Government and HKSAR Government



The Centre is equipped with an Academic Committee and an Administrative Committee, responsible for overall development, academic activities and administrative work; and there will also be a Guest Researcher in the Centre.

The areas of activity for the above mentioned committees and researcher are as follows:

  • The Academic Committee: responsible for the academic planning and execution of the Centre, setting development strategy, and exploring and conducting research projects. The committee implements a dual chairperson and vice-chairperson system.
  • The Administrative Committee: Nankai University designates an executive director for the Administrative Committee, to assist the director of the Centre with administrative work. Research assistants needed for conducting research projects will be hired when necessary.
  • The Guest Researcher: well-known scholars will be invited as Guest Researchers of the Centre, responsible for providing professional advice to the Centre, conducting joint research with the members of the Centre and participating in various activities.


Research and academic activities

The Centre achieves its objectives through the following specific activities:

  • Carrying out various types of social policy studies, including comparative research and specific policy research, as well as social policy research for central and local governments;
  • Publishing academic study reports, consultancy reports, papers, policy recommendations and books;
  • Organising conferences and seminars;
  • Organising the exchange of scholars and students and visits between the two Universities;
  • Other academic activities.


Contact Us

CUHK-Nankai Joint Research Center of Social Policy
Room 504, T. C. Cheng Building, United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
3943 1709
2603 5018