Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Postgraduate Studentship
    Postgraduate Studentship (PGS) is a form of award and financial assistance provided to all full-time students of MPhil-PhD in Social Welfare who are within the normative study period. Applicants need not make a separate application for obtaining the PGS award.

    Students awarded PGS will receive stipends in return for assisting in the teaching and research work of the Graduate Division. The monthly stipends in 2024-25 are not yet announced. For reference, the monthly stipends in 2023-24 are HK$18,360 for MPhil and PhD Pre-Candidacy students and HK$18,870 for PhD Post-Candidacy students. While in receipt of the PGS award, students must not undertake other engagement or employment, full-time or part-time, unless with permission of the University.

  • Government Grant and Loan
    Registered full-time students of MPhil-PhD in Social Welfare who satisfy conditions may apply for grants and loans under the "Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-Funded Programmes (TSFS)" administered by the Student Financial Office Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFO) of the Hong Kong Government. For details, please visit here.

  • University Bursary and Loan
    A number of bursaries and loans are available for full-time financially needy MPhil/ PhD students who are Hong Kong permanent residents. For details, please visit here.

  • Scholarships and Award
    The University also administers a number of scholarships and prizes, which are awarded on the basis of academic performance or other non-academic achievements. For details, please visit here.