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Newspaper column

Newspaper column by Chan, K.C. (14 March 2022)。以科學態度防疫 保護安老院舍長者。香港:明報
Newspaper column by Chan, K.C. (28 January 2022)。老有所用——長者就業挑戰與機遇。香港:明報
Newspaper column by Fung, H.W. & Cui, J.L. (27 December2021)。遠離創傷壓力環境 困境下倖存 重建美好生活。香港:明報
Newspaper column by Lau, M.Y. & Chan, K.C. (3 August 2020)。「雙老」悲歌 另一半腦退化 「她不再是她」 照顧辛酸。香港:明報
Newspaper column by Chan, K.C. (3 August 2020)。應對挑戰:及早定照顧計劃 忌孤軍作戰。香港:明報
Newspaper column by Wong, H. (22 January 2017)。團體批長生津改制無助解決問題。香港:明報 、文匯報。
Online media by Wong, H. (13 January 2017)。施政報告應提全面長者友善政策 讓長者繼續參與社會。香港:香港01周報。
Online media by Wong, H. (13 January 2017)。解構外國退保制度 收重稅儲未來錢 香港落實退保關鍵:錢從何來。香港01周報。
Newspaper column by Wong, P.K.S. (23 October 2017)。智障也有理想 父母放手築夢。香港:明報。
Newspaper column by Cheung, M.C. (14 March 2016)。獨力照料精神病親人 照顧不忘自顧 防爆煲。香港:明報教育副刊。
Newspaper column by Wong, P.K.S. (21 Nov 2016)。智障夫妻 荊棘中成長。香港:明報。
Newspaper column by Wong, P.K.S. (25 October 2016)。港府監管漏洞,縱容人間煉獄。端傳媒。(A letter to the editor of The Initium).

Media Interview

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Media interview by Wong, P.K.S. (March 2017) An interview with the topic ‘Living with disabled parents: Children with disabled parents gain different perspectives on life’. Varsity of CUHK, Issue 143, p. 40 - 43.
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Media interview by Wong, P.K.S. (2 Nov 2016)。智障人士爭自決 立法會上高呼:請停止把我們當成小孩。端傳媒 (The Initium)。
Media interview by Wong, P.K.S. (21 October 2016)。An interview by Hong Kong 01 for the topic人間地獄般的殘疾人院舍,為何仍能立於香港?。香港:香港01。



Magazine by Wong, H. (1 August 2016)。推行全民退保 大勢所趨。香港:都市盛世,P083。