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Housed within the Department of Social Work, the Family and Group Practice Research Programme (the Programme) was inaugurated in 1995. The Programme focuses on the development of clinical social work knowledge and the promotion of evidence-based practice research. It works particularly with Chinese populations in different contexts and communities, with an emphasis placed on family health and positive mental health.

The Programme provides a wide range of services to the public and to helping professionals. It serves the community by offering psychosocial intervention services and educational and promotional programmes to the general public, running professional training programmes for different helping professionals, and conducting evidence-based practice research. In recent years, it has established close partnerships and extensive networks with frontline practitioners, social service agencies, and community and international research institutes. We believe that by using a multi-disciplinary teamwork approach, the Programme can facilitate the development of indigenized and contextual social work knowledge and practices in Hong Kong.



Bridging the cultural gap between the East and the West, the Family and Group Practice Research Programme embraces the vision of becoming a leader in knowledge development and the advancement of indigenised clinical social work practices so as to enhance professional social work development in Chinese societies.



  • To generate and develop indigenized knowledge related to family-centred social work practices and group intervention through evidence-based practice research;
  • To promote clinical social work, family health and positive mental health in Chinese societies;
  • To contribute to the social work field by disseminating new clinical knowledge and practice;
  • To help individuals and families in need to resolve their psychosocial problems and family difficulties through cross-disciplinary collaboration and partnership between our Department and other helping organizations in Chinese societies.


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The Family and Group Practice Research Programme, Department of Social Work
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