3 Units

Death is not special. It happens every day and everywhere. It is also an inevitable part of life. Yet, death is very important for us especially when we are confronted by the death and dying of our loved ones. Surprisingly, we have done little to prepare ourselves to get familiar with the topic of bereavement. Very often we learn it only from the most painful and heartbreaking moments in life—after the death of loved ones. While bereavement may induce us different grief reactions, and adjustment difficulties, it also provides an opportunity for us to experience personal growth, reflect on our values and search for the meaning in life.

As a result, this course aims to prepare students to face death, dying and bereavement that they may encounter in their life. In particular, they are facilitated to respond to a unique question, “How can I live with the grief?” This question can only be answered by the students themselves who will have an opportunity to understand more about death, dying and bereavement, as well as reflecting on their life and living through this course.