Scholarships and Financial Aids

The following scholarships and financial aids are open to undergraduate students of our Department. The scholarships and financial aids aim at offering financial support to students to support their social work learning:

  • Admission Scholarship, Department of Social Work
  • HSBC Social Work Scholarships
  • Carol Tsang Scholarship
  • Lady Kotewall Prize
  • Clarks Social Science Budding Scholars Award
  • Social Work Bursary
  • The Linkage Award
  • Madan Tan Jen Chiu Scholarship
  • The Big Fish Award

Students are also welcome to apply for other scholarships and financial aids administered by the Office of Admission and Financial Aids, as well as various colleges of CUHK.


Clarks Social Science Budding Scholar Awards 2020-21

The presentation ceremony for Clarks Social Science Budding Scholars Award 2020-21 was held on 8 Oct 2021. Six social work undergraduate students received the Clarks Social Science Budding Scholars Award for their outstanding academic papers in the following courses in 2020-21:

SOWK2020 Philosophy and Principles of Social Work
Award Recipients: Chan Tsz Him (Year 2) & Wan Chun Kiu (Year 2)

SOWK3310 Social Welfare Administration
Award Recipients: Lam Hei Tung (Year 3), Lam Him Tung Himmi (Year 3) & Lee Sum Yu

SOWK3340 Social Policy and Planning
Award Recipient: So Sung Tin Elliot (Year 3)

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Prof. Steven Ngai, Prof. Wallace Chan, and Dr. Joanne Leung presented the awards to the six students.