International Summer University in Social Work Programme 2019


The International Summer University in Social Work Programme (ISUSW) was successfully held from 2 – 12 July 2019 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in Kochi, India. Prof. Steven Ngai, Dr. Johnson Cheung, together with four of our postgraduate students participated in this inspiring programme.

The event was co-organized by our Department, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (Switzerland), University of British Columbia (Canada), the University of California, Los Angeles (USA), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (India), University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Western Sydney University (Australia) and Shandong University (China). During the ten-day programme, delegates from the above-mentioned institutions were invited to deliver presentations on the theme of “Social Care and Well Being of the Vulnerable Populations”. Students had the opportunity to visit different local agencies including the SOS Children’s Village, Elderly Community Day Care Centre, Rajagiri Hospital, and Kerala Rehabilitation Institute for the Physically Affected (KRIPA). They also participated in a few workshops to discuss related topics and were invited to present on their learning on the last day.

1. Group photo ISUSW 2019A group photo of all participating faculty members and students

2. group photo with Prof. Ngai
Prof. Steven Ngai delivered a lecture on Economically Disadvantaged Youths

3. Group photo with Sing
Dr. Johnson Cheung joined the group to participate in the ISUSW 2019

4. KRIPA visit
Students visited KRIPA to learn about their services and operations

5. Presentation
Students were divided into different groups and presented on their learning during the ISUSW 2019