The Exemplary Field Instruction Award Presentation cum Agency Seminar 2019-20 has successfully been held on 6 November 2020 under the format of on-site award presentation and online broadcast. 105 participants attended the ceremony. Once again, we would like to congratulate Mr. Chan Kar Choi, Ms. Chan Man Yee Portia, Ms. Tse Kit Yee Miranda and Ms. Wong Lai Moy Carman, the award-winning field instructors of Exemplary Field Instruction Award 2019-20. It was a touching scene that our award-winning field instructors received warm congratulations from students, graduates as well as collaborators of social service organizations in the ceremony.

In addition to the award presentation, we were glad to have Ms. Tse Ho Yi Apple, Service Head, Children and Youth Service, Hong Kong Christian Service and Mr. Lau Chung Billie, Service Director (Elderly Service), Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong to share the Social Services for Young People and Elderly under the Pandemic. The agency seminar aimed at fostering understanding of social work practice under the current COVID-19 pandemic in the field, as well as encouraging idea exchanges among social work practitioners, educators and students in coping with the impact of the pandemic.

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