The Departmental Seminar was successfully held on 28 December 2020. Prof. Lin Ka, Chairperson of Department of Social Security and Risk Management, Zhejiang University was invited to share his topic on “Social Protection for People’s Livelihood and Prospect of Social Development in Mainland China” via the online platform.

During the seminar, Prof. Lin reviewed with us the development and policy advancement in improving people's livelihood in China and discussed the development, orientation, and concept of China's policy during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025). Prof. Lin also shared the experience of Zhejiang Province's policy practice and explored China's development prospects and orientation in social welfare. The seminar covered topics on anti-poverty, social security, pension policies, disability allowances, etc. He also discussed current concerns in urban development and community construction.

More than 30 students and teachers participated in this seminar. They all had a better understanding of the issue of social protection for people’s livelihood in China.


Group photo 2

An online group photo of the participants


Prof. Steven Ngai

Welcoming address by Prof. Steven Ngai


Prof. Lin Ka

Presentation by Prof. Lin Ka