Our Department is honoured to have invited a distinguished scholar, Professor Jessica Kelley, Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. to visit us from 14 to 17 November 2023.

During Professor Kelley's visit, she actively engaged with our faculty members and students, providing valuable insights and knowledge through various activities. These include a thought-provoking public lecture titled "Population Aging, Cohort Replacement, and Social Change: Exploring the Structural Forces Shaping Health and Well-Being of Societies." The lecture juxtaposed the differences between high-income countries and those in low-to-middle income countries, particularly related to their timing in the nutrition transition and economic development.  She also demonstrated how the contexts in which a population grows up and grows old will shape later-life acute/chronic disease risk, disability, and frailty.

Moreover, an in-house seminar was conducted by Professor Kelley, focusing on "Strategies for Successful Publishing in High-Impact Journals on Aging and Life Course." Through this seminar, she shared invaluable tips and advice on conducting research in the field of aging and effectively publishing articles in top-tier journals. The seminar proved to be immensely beneficial to our faculty members and students, equipping them with practical knowledge and enhancing their research capabilities.

Furthermore, individual consultation sessions were held, providing an opportunity for one-on-one interactions with Professor Kelley. These sessions allowed faculty members and students to seek personalized guidance and receive feedback and suggestions on their specific research projects and papers.

We sincerely thank Professor Kelley for taking the time to visit us.


A photo of Prof. To Siu Ming presenting the souvenir to Prof. Jessica Kelley



A group photo of our teachers and Prof. Jessica Kelley



A group photo with the public lecture’s participants



A group photo with the seminar’s participants