The seminar on “The Ethics of Community-based Mental Health Care – Using Assertive Outreach Treatment as a Model” was successfully held on 19 Oct 2023 at the Innoport, CUHK. We were honored to have invited Prof. Samuel Law, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Lead in China Project, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto to share his expert knowledge and insights on this important topic with us.

In this seminar, Prof. Law shared the ethical concerns involved in the treatment of people with serious mental illness in the context of community psychiatry. He briefly introduced Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) – the “gold standard” in community treatment and used it as a basis for discussion. He also brought in the concept and practice of Community Treatment Order (CTO) – a more controversial approach in the treatment of hard-to-reach populations. Issues of inter-professional approach in clinical care, risk assessments and tolerance, and the current debate regarding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disability (CRPD) were explored.

The seminar was joined by two discussants - Mr. Terry Wong Chung Bao, Service Director (Social Services), Stewards, Hong Kong & Member of Government's Advisory Committee on Mental Health and Ms. Janis Chau, Senior Manager (Clinical & Quality Assurance), Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong.

More than 30 participants, including students, teachers from our department and NGO practitioners actively participated in this seminar, and the topic prompted interactive discussions.  



Photo of lively group discussions 



Group Photo with Prof. Law and Discussants