Programme Information

Programme Description

The MPhil-PhD Programme in Social Welfare (MPhil-PhD) is a research-oriented programme, with MPhil (Master of Philosophy) Stream and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Stream. Students shall submit a research thesis and pass the oral defence.

Full-time students will be awarded the Postgraduate Studentship: HK$18,025 for MPhil and PhD Pre-Candidacy students and HK$18,525 for PhD Post-Candidacy students in 2021-22.

For details, please visit here.


Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)

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Qualification for Admission

  • Academic Qualification
    Applicants shall have:
    • graduated from a recognized university and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in any disciplines, normally with an honours not lower than Second Class; or
    • graduated from an honours programme of a recognized university with a Bachelor’s degree in any disciplines, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than "B".

      Applicants with a Master's degree from a recognised university can apply for the PhD Stream.

  • English Language Proficiency
    Please refer to the Graduate School’s website for details:
    • Website
    • Section: “English Language Requirements for Admission”

      Remarks: Applicants for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) are required to submit score reports of TOEFL /IELTS. GMAT result is not accepted.

  • Others

    Applicants are required to furnish proof of their research capability in the form of comments from academic referees, professional colleagues or past publications.

    Applicants having at least two years of practice or teaching in the field of social service or social welfare are preferred.


Thesis Supervisor

After students are admitted to the Programme, they will be advised of the procedures of thesis supervisor assignment. In brief, the appointment of thesis supervisor is subject to the Division Head’s discretion, by taking into consideration the expertise of the teaching staff and the student’s preference. Applicants of the MPhil-PhD Programme therefore do not need to contact their intended thesis supervisor during the application process. You are yet welcome to visit our website for details on our faculty members’ specialties and research interest.


Study Mode and Study Length

  • Normative Study Period
    • MPhil Stream:

      Full-time: 24 months
      Part-time: 36 months

    • PhD Stream:

      Full-time (with research master’s degree): 36 months
      Full-time (without research master’s degree): 48 months
      Part-time (with research master’s degree): 48 months
      Part-time (without research master’s degree): 64 months

  • Details on “Period of Study”
    Please refer to Clause 5 and Annex of “General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies”.


Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for 2022/23 is to be confirmed. For reference, the tuition fee for 2021/22 is as follows:

  • Full-time (MPhil/ PhD Streams): HK42,100 per annum (non-local students); waived (local students)
  • Part-time (MPhil Stream): HK42,100 per annum
  • Part-time (PhD Stream): HK42,100 per annum


Student Hostel

Full-time MPhil/ PhD students may apply for residence at Postgraduate Halls (PGH).

For Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme awardees admitted in 2019-20 and thereafter, on-campus housing for the whole normative study period will be guaranteed, and the on-campus hostel fee will be also be waived in the first year of study.